Police remind motorists to be aware of wildlife near roads

Halifax District RCMP are reminding motorists of the increased presence of wildlife on roads at this time of the year. It follows a collision involving a bear on Wednesday in Fall River, N.S.

'Unfortunately we're travelling through the wildlife's area, so we need to just be aware of it'

RCMP are urging motorists to be on alert for increased wildlife activity near roads. A bear was struck in Fall River, N.S., on Wednesday night.

Not just chickens cross the road.

Deer, raccoons, porcupines and bears, among other wildlife, are reasons for motorists to keep a watchful eye.

Halifax District RCMP are reminding motorists of increased wildlife on the roads at this time of the year. The note of caution comes after a collision on Highway 118 in Fall River on Wednesday that involved a bear.

"Unfortunately we're travelling through the wildlife's area, so we need to just be aware of it," said Cpl. Dal Hutchinson of the the Halifax District RCMP. 

A motorist struck the bear near Exit 14, causing extensive damage to the vehicle. The driver was not injured and the bear was not located.

Police say motorists should use high beams when possible in wooded areas.

A deer made the rounds in Truro. (Submitted by the Town of Truro)

"There's no one area that we have heard of that's worse than others," said Hutchinson.