Nova Scotia

Wind turbine to power 600-plus homes, businesses in Baddeck

Dartmouth-based energy company, Scotian Wind, has built a turbine to create enough power for 665 homes and businesses in the village of Baddeck.

Dartmouth-based energy company Scotian Wind builds tower as high as a 32-storey building

The turbine outside Baddeck will begin generating power next week. (George Mortimer/CBC)

The village of Baddeck, N.S., is turning to the wind for its electricity needs.

Dartmouth-based energy company Scotian Wind has built a turbine near the community.

The three-blade tower, as tall as a 32-storey building, has been installed along Highway 105.

The company says all energy generated by the Baddeck turbine will be consumed locally, as it will be connected directly to the local grid. 

Its size is based on the electrical demand of the community. 

Scotian Wind chief operating officer Dan Roscoe says the single turbine will generate 1.7 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 665 homes and businesses.

Sandy Smith of Baddeck appreciates the environmental aspect of wind power. (George Mortimer/CBC)

Roscoe says it will ensure a long-term supply of power at a fixed cost and is good for the environment.

"This turbine will be exciting for the community of Baddeck," he said. "It'll produce clean power, help to reduce the carbon footprint of the Baddeck area and show the progressive nature of the Baddeck area."

Roscoe says the village will benefit in other ways too. 

Great location

"In addition to municipal taxes that we pay to Victoria County, we'll also set aside a community dividend that will be invested in the community," he said.

Roscoe says Baddeck is great location to generate wind power.

"It's always a challenge for us to find windy locations that are near the electrical infrastructure, yet far enough away from homes."

Rollie Thornhill of Baddeck calls the turbine "the wave of the future." (George Mortimer/CBC)

Sandy Smith of Baddeck says she doesn't like the look of the turbine but appreciates its benefits.

"I think it's great. It's not very pretty but I think it's wonderful, and if it helps us get off fossil fuels, the more the better," she said.

Her neighbour Rollie Thornhill echoes the sentiment.

3 more turbines

"As far as the power supply is concerned, this is the wave of the future." he said. "It's clean and renewable. It'll give us a constant supply of power."

Scotian Wind expects the turbine to start sending electricity to the Nova Scotia Power grid next week.

It is the first of four turbines Scotian Wind says it will install in Nova Scotia this year.