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Century-old Baddeck wharf needs immediate repairs, says study

An engineering study recommends immediate repairs to the Baddeck wharf that could cost $400,000.

Study recommends $400K worth of work to fix safety problems, ensure future

An engineering study recommends immediate and long-term repairs to preserve the roughly 100-year-old Baddeck wharf. (Eileen Woodford / Bras d’Or Yacht Club)

The wharf in Baddeck, N.S., is in immediate need of repairs, according to an engineering study.

The 100-year-old structure is managed by the Waterfront Baddeck committee.

Bill Marchant, the committee chair, said little significant work has been done to the wharf in 15 years. 

"There was concern in the community that the wharf might be deteriorating quickly and we might lose it." 

Marchant said the study, completed this summer by engineering firm EXP, outlines a number of safety issues.

Several areas of concern

He said those include posting load restrictions on the wharf, removing rusted ladders that allow people to climb from the water up to the wharf, and removing or replacing broken pieces of wood.

The Waterfront Baddeck committee formed 18 months ago, with the goal of revitalizing the wharf, the centrepiece of the village's waterfront.

The group is working on ideas to increase usage of the wharf, including adding a series of floating docks which could triple the number of boats that could tie up.

The wharf is in the centre of the village waterfront, adjacent to the Bras d'Or Lake Yacht Club. (Visit Baddeck website)

Fixing the wharf is the first part of that plan, Marchant said.

He said the report also recommends some long-term work to allow the wharf  "to last another 25 years with routine maintenance."

Repairs could cost $400K

Marchant said the repairs would cost about $400,000.

He said the committee is discussing the costs with provincial Crown corporation Develop Nova Scotia.

The cost of the floating docks has yet to be determined.

Victoria County Warden Bruce Morrison says the addition of those docks is an important initiative.

"We're an international sailing destination now, so it's only going to enhance the experience of coming to Baddeck," he said.

Morrison expects the group will approach council with a funding request in the future.

The group will host a public meeting on the wharf development in January.