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Province scolded for kicking single mom out of program that collects child support

An ombudsman's report obtained by CBC News concludes Justice Department officials didn't think of the children when it kicked a single mother out of the maintenance enforcement program.
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Cultural gem or 'tax grab'? $20M in Annie Leibovitz photos caught in Canadian quandary

Four years ago, a Toronto family donated a collection of photographs worth $20 million to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. To this day it's never been displayed, caught up in a complex quagmire that could mean the works by noted photographer Annie Leibovitz will never hang on the gallery walls.

Man who won $10K after racial discrimination by police wants street checks to end

Boxer Kirk Johnson is calling for an end to police street checks after a CBC News investigation found that black people are three times more likely than white people to be targeted in checks carried out by Halifax Regional Police.
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Nova Scotia pushing more opioid addicts to methadone, away from detox

A CBC News investigation has found the Nova Scotia Health Authority is taking a controversial approach to treating people with ‘liquid handcuffs’ rather than inpatient therapy

A call for help: what it takes to get treatment for opioid addiction

CBC called 20 drug rehab facilities in Nova Scotia to learn what treatment is available in the province. Front-line workers were sympathetic and helpful, but the advice varies widely and the process of finding help is draining.

Richmond County officials feeling the heat after ombudsman report

Politicians in Richmond County are feeling the heat after CBC obtained a scathing ombudsman's report into expense claims this week.
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Taxpayers pick up dinner bill for Guysborough MLA Lloyd Hines

Former Guysborough Warden Lloyd Hines was treated to meals on the municipality's tab at least seven times in the three years since he was elected MLA, records show.
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Critics question 'extravagant' spending by Guysborough councillors and staff

Councillors in a Nova Scotia municipality are being criticized for acting "like school kids out on a high school trip" after expensing thousands of dollars worth of alcohol and travel to taxpayers.
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New tally shows 2 municipal conferences cost taxpayers nearly $700K

The final tally for two municipal conferences shows that taxpayers in towns and counties across Nova Scotia were on the hook for close to $700,000, a CBC News investigation has learned.
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Nova Scotia town councillors' expenses can be difficult to obtain

Nova Scotia municipalities have a wide range of record-keeping practices, from electronic postings to stacks of paper receipts, making for uneven public access. But that may change.