Sabrina Fabian


Sabrina Fabian is a bilingual reporter based in Halifax with more than 10 years experience. She has worked in TV, radio, online and in print. She is originally from Montreal and previously worked in Banff and Calgary.

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Waves of change

Nova Scotia coffee company seeks solution to plastic package problem

Just Us! Coffee is facing several challenges as it tries to reduce its environmental footprint. It needs to collect its used bags and then find a company to recycle them.
Waves of Change

Going green and keeping your teeth clean isn't a simple task

Toothbrushes made of bamboo are marketed as a viable alternative to plastic toothbrushes. From the packaging to the bristles to the handle, we look at whether this is really reducing your environmental footprint and keeping your dentist happy.

Halifax horses are no longer sick but stables remain closed

Since three horses were diagnosed with strangles, the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers have closed their stables. The lost revenue and high veterinary bills are putting a financial strain on the non-profit group.

Cannabis a cure for morning sickness? Doctors say no way

Pregnant women are being warned of the risks associated with cannabis consumption. Doctors say it could affect the baby's brain development.

Pot producers seek ways to promote brands in light of federal restrictions

The rules around promotion and marketing are strict and Health Canada is keeping a close eye on how cannabis producers are talking about their products, but some cannabis producers are unclear as to what is truly allowed.

Trapped 'like a caged animal': Climate change taking toll on mental health of Inuit

The annual ice melt in Canada's North is occurring earlier and earlier, and some researchers say that and other climate-related changes are affecting the mental health of populations in Inuit communities. CBC's Sabrina Fabian reports from Rigolet, Labrador.

Amid national opioid crisis, Dalhousie teaches doctors how to prescribe safely

Family medicine residents at Dalhousie University's medical school are being taught how to safely prescribe opioids to help prevent patients from becoming addicted.

Concerns about accidental child poisonings grow as pot legalization looms

Health-care professionals in Canada are worried more children will fall victim to accidental cannabis poisoning after the drug is legalized, and are bracing for more emergency department visits and calls to poison control centres.

Distracted drivers targeted by new tracking app

Distracted driving researchers have developed a new app that allows anyone to stand on the side of the road and log all those who are texting, eating or yapping on their phones while behind the wheel.

Halifax Explosion documentary to tell untold survival story of deaf students

Two novice documentary filmmakers are hoping to spread the word about the Halifax School for the Deaf and its students who miraculously all survived the Halifax Explosion in December 1917.