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Ryan Snoddon is CBC's meteorologist in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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How Fiona became a record-breaking Canadian storm

One year ago, the atmospheric and oceanic ingredients came together to produce a powerful storm with the lowest recorded landfall pressure in Canadian history.

How did Lee compare to previous storms?

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon looks back to see how Lee stacks up to the many previous storms that have tracked through the Maritimes.

Blow-by-blow of what to expect when Hurricane Lee hits N.S., N.B. this weekend

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon has the latest on what the Maritimes can expect and when.

Hurricane Lee's track through the Maritimes this weekend is becoming clearer

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon says while some uncertainty remains, forecast models are slowly becoming more precise in terms of the potential impacts of rain, wind and surf.

Slow-moving Hurricane Lee set to bring wind, rain to Maritimes

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon has the latest on the large-scale and slow-moving storm, which is set to track through the region this weekend.

Hurricane Lee looking more likely to impact the Maritimes

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon has the latest on the storm and its expected track this week.

All eyes are on Hurricane Lee in Atlantic Canada

CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon has a closer look at Hurricane Lee and the main factors for the eventual path of the storm.

Summer of 2023 was the wettest on record for much of the Maritimes

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon adds up the rainfall totals from a historic summer in the Maritimes.

More tropical moisture on the way for Nova Scotia

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon says more rain is on the way, bringing another risk of localized flooding to Nova Scotia.

Atlantic hurricane season outlook updated, more storms expected

Likelihood of greater storm activity increased due to warm ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic.