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End of pandemic restrictions causing 'great deal of fear' for some N.S. seniors

At a time when a lack of public health restrictions means Nova Scotians are free to go out and do as they please, some seniors say a fear of contracting COVID-19 is keeping them inside, and making them feel more isolated.

He survived the Second World War, but this Nova Scotia airman never made it home

Ray Hilchey of Halifax died on May 9, 1945, helping repatriate prisoners of war in France. His parents learned of his death four days later, which also happened to be Mother's Day.

Community benefit agreements would help marginalized communities, says HRM councillor

Halifax regional council is considering instituting agreements that would allow communities to receive benefits in exchange for being impacted by development projects.

Ontario man who defrauded Bridgewater out of almost $500K gets 3 years in prison

An Uber driver from Ontario who defrauded the Town of Bridgewater, N.S., out of nearly $500,000 was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison. "This fraudulent act put the entire community at risk of significant financial deprivation," says the Crown attorney who prosecuted the case.

New Glasgow coach ready to step behind bench for Team Canada U-18 men's team

When Hockey Canada recently announced its coaching staff for the men's under-18 team, assistant coach Kori Cheverie was surprised by the reaction. "I didn't expect it to kind of blow up all over social media, by any means," she says.

Long a pandemic leader, Nova Scotia is now a COVID-19 hot spot

Nova Scotia's past success at managing the COVID-19 pandemic is also one of the reasons why its daily case counts have never been worse. One model says Nova Scotia's daily case counts may be more than 10 times worse than the official number.

She quit university due to an alcohol problem. Now sober, she landed a $35K scholarship

Laura Eamon's first go at university consisted of a lot of partying, which led her to drop out. Sober for more than eight years, she's now the recipient of a prestigious $35K scholarship.

Why it may take more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away

New research out of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley shows today's cultivated apples are far heavier and sweeter than their ancestors, but they don't have nearly as many antioxidants.

'God was watching over us': Retired firefighter recalls fatal Argus crash

A 415 Squadron Argus that made an emergency landing at CFB Summerside on March 31, 1977, had a tragic outcome. Three crew members died. Retired military firefighter Gerard Ginson describes his memories of the day.

Yarmouth develops plan to make town accessible for people with disabilities

The Town of Yarmouth, N.S., has released a plan that officials hope provides a road map to make the town fully accessible for people with disabilities.