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Richard Cuthbertson is a journalist with CBC Nova Scotia. He can be reached at

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Priced Out

A landlord hiked rents again and again. Canada's housing agency rewarded him every time

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has been playing a role in renovictions by helping some property owners secure rock-bottom interest rates, even as the federal minister who oversees the agency has been tasked with finding ways to curb "excessive" rent hikes and evictions due to renovations.
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Lies, forgery and one Nova Scotia contractor's incredible web of deception

The extraordinary story of how contractor Shane Ross has continued to operate despite facing fraud and forgery charges, numerous lawsuits in Nova Scotia and Ontario, and being sent to jail for contempt of court.
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Ottawa is lending billions to developers. The result: $1,500 'affordable' rents

The federal government has lent developers billions of dollars to jump-start rental construction, all with affordability requirements. But data released under access-to-information shows that more than half of the projects will have average rents higher than those of the cities where they're being built.

High-risk offender shipped across Canada for release wins legal challenge

A high-risk offender sent across the country to live in a Halifax-area halfway house after federal officials deemed him too unsafe for release in B.C. has won a legal battle and $1,000 in costs against Corrections Canada.
The Big Spend

The pandemic unexpectedly saved thousands from financial ruin. But there's a reckoning on the horizon

The COVID-19 pandemic, surprisingly, helped thousands of debt-ridden households in Atlantic Canada, and many low-wage workers found themselves actually better off than before. But the financial distress that had been expected at the beginning of the pandemic might instead come near its end.

Magic mushrooms, hatchet seized from hotel room of Bridgewater fugitive

Police seized a hatchet and 23 grams of the hallucinogenic drug magic mushrooms from the hotel room where fugitive Tobias Doucette is accused of trying to murder an officer who was responding to a domestic violence call.
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A booming niche industry goes bust, quietly taking millions in public money with it

Mink farms that supply furs to the overseas luxury fashion market have been pummeled by bad prices. But upwards of $100 million in provincial and federal bailouts haven't saved the sector.

Yearning to see their students again, but nervous about what lies ahead

Teachers and guidance counsellors are looking ahead with a mix of hope and trepidation, wondering what profound changes are coming to Nova Scotia schools when they finally do reopen.

In the 1950s, Canada faced a terrifying epidemic. Here's how it was conquered

While the current COVID-19 pandemic has drawn comparisons to the Spanish flu of 1918-20, which killed millions worldwide, polio represents a more recent health crisis within the living memory of many Canadians.

Judge rules in favour of class action launched by special operations veteran

A former special operations member with the Canadian Forces who challenged how disability payments are calculated said the case is important to thousands of injured veterans who served in especially arduous conditions.