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Preston Mulligan has been a reporter in the Maritimes for more than 20 years. Along with his reporting gig, he also hosts CBC Radio's Sunday phone-in show, Maritime Connection.

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Meeting in Windsor, N.S., to discuss fallout from recent floods

The mayor of West Hants is hosting a meeting tonight at the Windsor community centre to discuss the fallout from July's floods. Mayor Abraham Zebian says the meeting is followup to a meeting in nearby Brooklyn 10 days ago.

Nova Scotians make history in first Professional Women's Hockey League draft

Jill Saulnier, 31, of Halifax was drafted 40th overall by New York and Allie Munroe, 26, of Yarmouth was drafted 50th by Toronto.

Opposition takes aim at province after patient dies at hospital with no doctor on site

Nova Scotia's opposition parties are calling for the Houston government to make better "choices" after a patient at a hospital in Middleton, N.S., died while the on-call doctor wasn't on site.

Farmers' market coupon program may face cuts amid funding woes

A group that helps low-income earners buy food at farmers' markets says its program will have to be pared down, following a "significantly delayed" funding announcement.

First of its kind doctor orientation underway in Nova Scotia

About 20 physicians, mostly from Nigeria and the U.K., are taking part in a new program called the Welcome Collaborative.

Mother of man hit by SUV in crosswalk calls for N.S. to require driving tests for seniors

Sarah March's 29-year-old son, Damien Tomsett, was walking east on a Gottingen Street crosswalk at Buddy Daye Street when an 89-year-old male driver of an SUV hit him. 

N.S. court hears case on unionized workers' access to Human Rights Commission

The Nova Scotia court of appeal is hearing a case Wednesday about whether unionized workers have the same access to the N.S. Human Rights Commissions as everyone else.

Refugees bound for N.S. from Kenya to work in continuing care

Nova Scotia is offering jobs as continuing care assistants to 65 refugees from a camp in Kenya.

Nova Scotia realtors oppose new federal law on non-resident homebuying

The Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act came into effect on Jan. 1. It prevents non-Canadians from buying a home in the country for the next two years. 

At a Halifax clinic, long lines and disappointment are frequent. Staff do what they can

Clinics around Halifax are experiencing long waits for service. Some people are leaving without being seen.