Paul Withers


Paul Withers is an award-winning journalist whose career started in the 1970s as a cartoonist. He has been covering Nova Scotia politics for more than 20 years.

Latest from Paul Withers

Nova Scotia lobster exporter pleads not guilty to alleged fisheries violations

A large southwest Nova Scotia lobster pound pleaded not guilty to four alleged fishery violations in Shelburne provincial court Wednesday.

Nova Scotia Power to pull plug on tidal station, seeks $25M from ratepayers

Nova Scotia Power wants ratepayers to pay $25 milion to write off the Annapolis Generating Station, the tidal power plant in Annapolis Royal, N.S., it is seeking to shut down.

Fin, blue whales getting tangled in fishing gear in Gulf of St. Lawrence more often than thought: study

Between 41 and 57 per cent of fin whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are getting entangled in fishing gear, a problem previously identified mainly in right whales and humpbacks, according to new research that relied on drones. Scientists say the rates are higher than past estimates and likely comparable for blue whales as well.

Michelin to ship tires by sail in effort to reduce emissions

French multinational Michelin Tire has signed up to ship some of the tires it makes in Nova Scotia across the Atlantic to France on a cargo vessel powered mainly by sail.

Ceremony in Halifax marks 1st navy vessel named for Black Canadian

The fourth Arctic offshore patrol ship will bear the name of William Hall from Hantsport, N.S. The son of American slaves received the Victoria Cross when he helped lift a siege in India more than 160 years ago while serving in the Royal Navy.

Emera announces plans to sharply reduce carbon footprint

The parent company of Nova Scotia Power announced Tuesday that it will sharply reduce its carbon footprint, setting a goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 across its North American operations.

N.S., Ottawa sink money into tech bound for bottom of Halifax harbour

A shiny aluminum platform the size of two picnic tables will be lowered to the bottom Halifax harbour this spring to give Nova Scotia ocean technology companies a place to test leading-edge sensors and monitors.

How Nova Scotia coastal communities are planning for climate change

A new study finds 75 per cent of coastal municipalities in Nova Scotia have or are implementing climate change plans ordered by the province in the last decade.

Arrival of temporary foreign workers in limbo after federal travel restrictions

One week after imposing air travel restrictions, the Trudeau government is still working on protocols to allow several thousand temporary foreign workers into Atlantic Canada where all airports have been closed to international flights.

$44M announced for Nova Scotia seafood business upgrades

More than $44 million from a federal-provincial fisheries fund will go to 11 projects across Nova Scotia, from land-based salmon farms to instruments that continuously measure oxygen levels in holding tanks.