Paul Withers


Paul Withers is an award-winning journalist whose career started in the 1970s as a cartoonist. He has been covering Nova Scotia politics for more than 20 years.

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Emera CEO sheds light on Nova Scotia Power's proposed rate hike

Emera CEO Scott Balfour defended an element in a proposed Nova Scotia Power rate hike Thursday that will cost customers more because of how the company is looking to finance projects.

Nova Scotia shrimp trawler returning to port after ice encounter in Labrador Sea

The Mersey Phoenix is heading back to its home port after ice damage caused a small crack to develop.

How Atlantic Canada's warming ocean could impact everything from seaweed to lobster

An Atlantic Canadian biotechnology seafood company says harvest levels have plunged at the southern range of the cold-water seaweed it uses as raw material. Meanwhile, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is being urged to do more research on lobster and climate change.

Scientists push for ocean version of International Space Station

A Canadian research centre based in Halifax is promoting an ambitious observation system for the North Atlantic that would allow nations to invest in ocean observation as a consortium.

Landing ban means more mako sharks are likely to survive accidental capture: federal assessment

An ongoing ban on landing endangered shortfin mako sharks is likely to mean a majority survive accidental capture in the Canadian longline fishery, according to a federal assessment.

Final plan for Scotia Fundy marine conservation won't be ready until 2024

DFO says the final version of its plan to create more marine conservation sites on the Scotian Shelf and in the Bay of Fundy will be ready in 2024.

DFO's science on impact of seal population doesn't go nearly far enough: report

An industry-led report commissioned by DFO disputes the department's claims that, for the most part, seals are not harming fish populations.

Reprieve for critically endangered Atlantic whitefish as logging plans halted

The Nova Scotia government has indefinitely delayed an application to log on Crown land near Bridgewater, N.S., to protect critically endangered Atlantic whitefish.

Another big Maritime fishery quota cut looming

As the herring fishery in southwestern Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy faces quota cuts, industry leaders are calling on DFO to pause a new modelling process that may suggest a 62.7 per cent reduction.

Proposed new federal boundaries would 'significantly shift' N.S. ridings next election

An electoral boundary commission has released a proposal that includes four new federal ridings and a cascade of boundary changes to accommodate large population growth in metro Halifax and decreases in Cape Breton and the eastern mainland.