Paul Withers


Paul Withers is an award-winning journalist whose career started in the 1970s as a cartoonist. He has been covering Nova Scotia politics for more than 20 years.

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Nova Scotia MP says he faced death threats as Maritime elver fishery descended into lawlessness

MPs in Ottawa heard "alarming" accounts Thursday of failed Canadian government efforts to thwart the international illicit fishery for baby eels, or elvers, earlier this year.

Tonnes of elvers were poached in 2023, but border agents didn't find any

The Canada Border Services Agency says it looked, but did not find evidence of black-market shipments of baby eels or elvers out of Canada this year, despite widespread poaching in Maritime rivers.

Major wind farm in Queens County moves forward with lease of Crown land

Developers of a large wind farm proposed for southern Nova Scotia say construction will begin next spring now that the company has secured Crown land near Milton in Queens County.

Canada's biggest lobster fishery on notice after right whale entanglement in Nova Scotia gear

The entanglement of a North Atlantic right whale in Canadian lobster gear earlier this year will increase scrutiny this season on the lucrative southwestern Nova Scotia lobster fishery.

Lobster harvesters in southwest N.S. say deal with Indigenous groups is being abused

Fishing industry groups claim the "interim authorization" approved this year by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans contains a change that allows lobster traps designated for use under an agreement to provide a moderate livelihood for First Nations, to be fished by non-Indigenous harvesters.

Equipment failure kills 100,000 salmon worth $5M at advanced land-based fish farm in N.S.

The land-based salmon farm is the only one in North America with zero waste discharge thanks to its proprietary water filtration system, which constantly recirculates water on site.

TD Bank's very bad year in the Maritime seafood business

Three Atlantic seafood companies have faltered financially in 2023 with TD Bank as a secured creditor on loans totalling $39 million.

Proposed Goldboro LNG plant officially abandoned after more than a decade

Alberta energy company Pieridae is pulling up stakes in Nova Scotia and abandoning plans for a liquefied natural gas terminal at Golboro on the province's Eastern Shore.

Nova Scotia government retreats on plan to fast-track wind farms in coastal bays

The Nova Scotia government is tapping the brakes on its plan to fast-track wind farms inside bays where it has sole control of development.

Nova Scotia lobster pound owner wins appeal of 'grossly disproportionate' 2-year suspension

Justice Pierre Muise said the penalty imposed on Tyler Nickerson, the owner of Fisher Direct in Shag Harbour, N.S., was overkill.