Paul Palmeter


Paul Palmeter is an award-winning video journalist born and raised in the Annapolis Valley. He has covered news and sports stories across the province for 30 years.

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Halifax man sentenced to 6 years for fatal blow to the head

A 55-year-old Halifax man has been handed a six-year sentence for manslaughter. Troy Edward William Clayton was originally charged with second-degree murder in the 2017 death of Benjamin Lokeny.

University sports to return this weekend to 3 N.S. schools

Acadia, Saint Mary's and Dalhousie teams will begin a five-week schedule of exhibition games starting Friday night. The sports involved will likely include hockey, basketball, volleyball and swimming.

Councillors reject staff recommendation, support proposed Dartmouth development

It's not something you see often, but five Halifax regional councillors have chosen to go against a recommendation by city staff and support a proposed Dartmouth development. They are putting their support behind a development that would see two 12-storey apartment buildings built with frontage on Prince Albert Road near Lake Banook.

Former Sipekne'katik chief discovers a dozen half-siblings he never knew he had

Rufus Copage is still reeling over the discovery that he had nine brothers and three sisters and that his 89-year-old father, whom he had never met, was still living.

COVID-19 restrictions bring changes for HRM firefighter recruitment

The Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services 2020 recruitment blitz didn't go ahead as planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the 2021 campaign is trying to overcome challenges caused by COVID restrictions.

'Unbelievably funny': hockey team manager, Siri team up for unique play-by-play

With no live streaming and no parents allowed in local arenas, a manager of a Halifax-area minor hockey team decided to try her hand at play-by-play using Siri. The results were hardly boring.

Halifax to allow live streaming from its arenas, but only at discretion of renter

Minor hockey parents in the Halifax region who had no way to watch their sons and daughters play hockey will now be able watch their games on live streams, but only at the discretion of the renter of the arena.

Irving Shipbuilding one step closer to completing 3rd Arctic patrol ship

Over the next two days the centre and stern mega-blocks of the future HMCS Max Bernays, Canada’s third Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship, will be transported outside of the assembly hall.

Halifax mom pleads guilty to child pornography charges involving her own kids

A Halifax woman has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. The woman, who can not be identified due to a publication ban, was paid for photos she sent to a Bridgewater, N.S., man that showed her and three of her own children naked.

Newly launched benevolent fund to assist Nova Scotia firefighters

There are nearly 8,000 firefighters in Nova Scotia, and a new fund that has been given clearance to operate as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act will soon be available to help those who need it.