Nina Corfu

Associate Producer

Nina Corfu has worked with CBC Nova Scotia since 2006, primarily as a reporter and producer for local radio programs. In 2018, she helped launch and build a national website for preteens called CBC Kids News. Get in touch by email:

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'I can't do this': Why Nova Scotia's social workers are burning out

Unmanageable workloads are leading to burnout and putting children at risk, the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers says. But the province says improvements are coming.

Free residence and Apple watches: How N.S. universities hope to boost enrolment

From free residence to on-the-spot admissions, Nova Scotia's universities are doing whatever they can to attract new students, in the face of a demographic crunch.

After 'nightmare' of pain, woman with MS questions why drug shortages aren't prevented

Melanie Gaunt says the synthetic cannabinoid nabilone was "a godsend." Then the company that makes it ran short, a situation one pharmacist says may be tied to the rising demand for alternatives to opioids.

Transgender author gives Halifax a second chance following death threats

Sophie Labelle is returning to Nova Scotia this week for a book launch, even though the last time she planned an event in Halifax it was cancelled following a series of online threats.

Parent 'deeply disappointed' N.S. won't buy Bloomfield site for new francophone school

A preliminary review by the province points to "several significant challenges" with the site, including its small size and traffic congestion in drop-off areas.

Halifax sending 300 tonnes of recyclable plastics to out-of-province dump

Plastic wrap and shopping bags had been degrading in storage following China's decision to stop accepting recyclables.

Protesters build permanent structure, plan to overwinter at Alton Gas site

A spokesperson for the natural gas storage project says the house was built on company land without permission.

Recyclable plastics could soon end up in Nova Scotia landfill

China has announced it's no longer accepting recyclables from countries like Canada, so the Halifax is scrambling to find alternatives — including throwing plastics in the landfill.

Nova Scotians 'throwing away money,' veteran bottle collector says

It takes time and effort, but this Porters Lake resident says he's made thousands of dollars over the years.

Inside the big house: Tour the Nova Scotia prison that just turned 50

The Springhill Institution opened on Sept. 30, 1967. It has apartment-style housing, a wood and metal shop, and a type of in-house retreat that is the first of its kind in Canada.