Nina Corfu

Associate Producer

Nina Corfu has worked with CBC Nova Scotia since 2006, primarily as a reporter and producer for local radio programs. In 2018, she helped launch and build a national website for preteens called CBC Kids News. Get in touch by email:

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Clear cut would destroy critical animal habitat, says Nova Scotia hunter

A hunter from Upper Vaughan, N.S., says if a proposed clear cut goes ahead, it will destroy critical habitat for endangered mainland moose, deer and other animals.

'I can't do this': Why Nova Scotia's social workers are burning out

Unmanageable workloads are leading to burnout and putting children at risk, the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers says. But the province says improvements are coming.

Shared Nova Scotian roots help actor break the ice with The Rock

Working with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on a Hollywood set might have been intimidating for Halifax-born actor Eli Goree, except that he had a way to break the ice — with stories of their shared Nova Scotia heritage.

Halifax is open to celebrity transit announcements, so CBC held some auditions

A spokesperson for Halifax Transit said hiring a celebrity to voice public service announcements is a possibility, so CBC Nova Scotia jumped the gun and auditioned some potential candidates for the transit agency.

Architect with a 'distinctly Nova Scotian' style heads to Yale

Architect Omar Gandhi will serve as visiting professor at the Yale School of Architecture this fall, and plans to bring his students to Cape Breton.

New website promotes tackling insomnia without use of medication

A website created by a Nova Scotia pharmacist aims to help Canadians wean themselves off sleeping pills by teaching them how to treat insomnia without drugs.

Meet the Halifax Public Gardens artists who set up shop in 1968 — and are back today

Fifty years on, artists Judy Matthews and Roger Hupman return to the Halifax Public Gardens to sell their work once again.

Billboard project weaves Indigenous art into your daily commute

Teresa Marshall, a Mi'kmaw artist from Millbrook First Nation in Nova Scotia, is one of 50 Indigenous women participating in a national art exhibit on roadside billboards.

Free residence and Apple watches: How N.S. universities hope to boost enrolment

From free residence to on-the-spot admissions, Nova Scotia's universities are doing whatever they can to attract new students, in the face of a demographic crunch.

A (spicy) beef between donair devotees divides Canada east to west

There is a saucy debate about what constitutes a 'proper' donair and whether you can find the real deal in Western Canada.