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Nicole MacLennan is Information Morning Cape Breton's associate producer, responsible for pitching and chasing stories, interviewing and booking guests. She welcomes story ideas and information at

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'The depths of the despair': CBC Cape Breton explores poverty in Northside communities

Information Morning Cape Breton visited North Sydney and Sydney Mines to explore the challenges faced by vulnerable people. CBC spoke with people living the experience and the groups and agencies that offer help and support.

Cape Breton sledge hockey program scores big with kids with disabilities

When Steve and Gina Deveaux set up Cape Breton's first sledge hockey team, the Cape Breton Sledgehammers, they had one goal in mind: to give their son Kurtis the chance to play hockey. That was almost a decade ago. Now they have a new goal: to offer that same opportunity to younger kids. 
Waves of Change

Some Cape Breton eateries cutting out plastic cutlery

Some Sydney, N.S., food establishments are serving up more environmentally friendly take out. The Little Rollin' Bistro food truck and Selkie's Neighbourhood Diner have switched out some of their single use plastics for compostable options.

Spina bifida kept him from playing hockey. He wants to change that for other kids

After dreaming of playing hockey as a child growing up with spina bifida, Kurtis Deveaux finally got the chance as an adult when he started his own sledge hockey team.

Cape Breton students harvest wood, make traditional M'ikmaw sleds

Students at a Cape Breton elementary school are the proud owners of four traditional Mi'kmaw working sleds they helped make.

Cape Breton students learn ancient Mi'kmaw game

A group of Grade 5 students at Bras d'Or Elementary learn to play the traditional Mi'kmaw game of waltes.

Cape Breton mine water cleaned of toxins

The underground mines in Cape Breton aren't producing coal any more, but they are churning out about six billion litres of waste water a year that is now treated at four remediation sites.

Nova Scotia EMO reminding people what 911 is for

The EMO office in Nova Scotia has launched an awareness campaign to tell people to stop calling 911 accidentally or with non-emergencies.

Cape Breton eating disorders support group started by mom

A woman whose teenage daughter was diagnosed with anorexia is starting a support group for families of people living with an eating disorder.

Cape Breton University to come up with immigration strategy

Cape Breton University is launching a new immigration task force to come up with a strategy to encourage more people to come to Cape Breton.