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Meet the Nova Scotians on the frontiers of farming kelp

From a garage-turned-aquaculture site to serving up tasty seaweed bites, a new Atlantic Voice documentary dives into the different ways people are embracing kelp farming.

Local farmers want to process surplus vegetables. So why is this production line idle?

Farmers say a decline in local food processing limits options for growers and increases food waste. But some are trying to bring processing capacity back to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia biologist adapting COVID-19 technology to detect oyster disease

A biologist at Cape Breton University is hoping a piece of technology used to keep people safe in the pandemic can help protect Nova Scotia's oysters against the effects of warming waters.

Climate change is affecting telecommunications infrastructure. Ham radio might be able to help

After post-tropical storm Fiona knocked out communications networks in parts of the province, some emergency managers started looking to amateur radio as a backup in future disasters.

Meet the Nova Scotian couple preserving the ocean's mysteries through taxidermy

A couple operating a taxidermy business near Shelburne aim to help people get up close with marine life — and to document unknown species — as a way to foster appreciation of the creatures living in the ocean.

Former sex worker's victory in small claims court sets precedent, lawyer says

A former sex worker in Nova Scotia has successfully sued a client in small claims court for non-payment of services. She and her advocates hope the decision will change the legal landscape for sex work in Canada.

Drag and science unite as LGBTQ researchers bring their work to the stage — for inclusion

Science is a Drag is a performance meant to challenge stereotypes about who belongs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, where scientists present their work in a novel way and perform in drag.

Nova Scotia researchers helping to fill in pieces of green-hydrogen puzzle

Like many jurisdictions, Nova Scotia is hoping green hydrogen holds the key to transitioning away from fossil fuels. But challenges remain, and local researchers are hoping to provide some of the answers.

N.S. is a leader in encouraging heat pumps, but programs can be confusing

Nova Scotia is a leader in heat pump adoption, and federal and provincial programs will encourage even greater use. But some say the programs to support adoption are hard to navigate

N.S. woman shocked as wait time jumps from 3 months to 1 year for husband's tourist visa

A Nova Scotia woman was shocked when she and her husband applied for a visitor's visa and were told it would take a year, a delay advocates say is a sign of a broken system.