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'A quest for wisdom': How two-eyed seeing mixes Indigenous knowledge and Western science in N.S.

The concept of two-eyed seeing is being used across Canada to reshape science, but its roots in Mi'kmaki. A new documentary explores those roots, its philosophy, and its current practice in Nova Scotia.

New citizen-science project aims to track important avian migratory routes in Nova Scotia

A new citizen-driven project is using novel technology and artificial intelligence to chart the migratory routes and habitats of nocturnal birds in Nova Scotia.

How storing energy without batteries could be key to N.S. giving up fossil fuels

A researcher at the Nova Scotia Community College is working to store thermal energy as a way for the province to transition away from coal-fired power.

Fossilized tree discovered at N.S. cliff on display at Royal Ontario Museum

A 310-million-year-old fossilized tree that began its modern journey after falling out of a cliff in Nova Scotia is now on display in a new gallery in one of the busiest museums in the country. 

Pilot project in Nova Scotia using sugar kelp could improve ocean health

The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia is starting a pilot project that will look into growing kelp in Nova Scotia — part of a shift experts say could improve the health of the ocean and provide a more sustainable form of food production.

Infilling could hurt Halifax's Northwest Arm, advocates say

Residents, officials and advocates gathered for a meeting on a tour boat in Halifax Wednesday night to draw attention to a practice they fear could harm the ecology of a busy body of water.

Retrofits will be key to Nova Scotia's net-zero goal, experts say

As Nova Scotia moves to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, researchers and advocates say the province should be tapping into a piece of underappreciated piece of public infrastructure: private buildings. Officials and organizations in Nova Scotia are putting forward projects and policies that could help pick up the pace.

Coastal erosion, rising seas will lead to more conflicts over public beach access, experts say

Researchers and advocates say sea level rise and coastal erosion will lead to increased conflict between people who want public beach access and private owners.

N.S. woman speaks out about 'dehumanizing' experience in correctional facility

A Nova Scotia woman who was recorded without her consent while on remand at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional facility is calling for an inquiry into the use of health segregation at the facility.

COVID-19 case sends Nova Scotia secure facility for youth in care into lockdown

Advocates are raising concerns about the conditions at Nova Scotia's secure facility for youth in care, after a positive case of COVID-19 was detected among staff and the facility was placed into lockdown.