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Looking back at Hurricane Juan, 20 years after deadly storm hit Nova Scotia

Hurricane Juan touched down in Nova Scotia 20 years ago this month.

Nova Scotia Power handed $750K fine for failing to meet performance standards

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board issued a statement on Wednesday saying privately owned Nova Scotia Power Inc. failed to fully satisfy five of 14 performance targets dealing with reliability, restoring power after adverse weather and service installations.

Nova Scotia government says judge dismissed from inquiry had rejected offer for help

The office of the province's attorney general said Tuesday the now-retired judge who led the Desmond inquiry was not given a fourth extension because the government had no reason to expect that agreeing to that request would yield a final report.

N.S. man who served 16 years after wrongful conviction has died, lawyer says

A lawyer for Glen Assoun, the Nova Scotia man who served 16 years in prison after he was wrongfully convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, confirmed today that his longtime client has died.

Fraction of Nova Scotia's Green Fund spent on climate change programs: auditor

Only a fraction of a Nova Scotia government fund established to combat climate change has been spent on solving the problem, the province's auditor general revealed in an audit released Tuesday.

New study shares insight into 2009 death of Toronto woman in Cape Breton coyote attack

Stanley Gehrt, lead author of a paper recently published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, said that with the park's coyotes preying on large animals like moose, it stands to reason they would be less inhibited about killing a human.

Accountability lacking: Nova Scotia auditor general takes aim at blown budgets

A new report says Nova Scotia is unique among Canadian provinces when it comes to its lack of accountability for government departments that blow their budgets.

Nova Scotia's retirement home for captive whales facing delays, obstacles: documents

An ambitious plan in Nova Scotia to build North America's first coastal refuge for captive whales is at least five years behind its original schedule, newly released documents show.

Sipekne'katik and Millbrook residents question RCMP failure to issue warnings about N.S. mass shooter

Two of the killer's 22 victims — a Mountie and a young man on an errand — were murdered near Sipekne'katik First Nation.

Nova Scotia's mass shooting inquiry receives warning about ignored recommendations

The inquiry into the mass shooting in Nova Scotia heard Thursday from experts who warned that the federal and Nova Scotia governments have a poor track record when it comes to implementing recommendations from previous inquiries.