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Transgender Irish teen's family fights to stay in Canada, trapped in 21-month immigration limbo

An Irish family of five says they are desperate to stop Canada from deporting their transgender teen, all while fighting to extricate themselves from a complex immigration limbo.

The system failed Lionel Desmond and his family. These changes may prevent another tragedy

A Nova Scotia fatality inquiry has spent the last two years examining the systemic failures that led to the murder-suicides of the Desmond family. And all of those involved in the inquiry hope to close the gaps they uncovered — and prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another military family.

As the Desmond inquiry hears from its last witness, the judge hints at changes to come

The Lionel Desmond fatality inquiry heard from its final witness Tuesday, closing more than two years of evidence gathering into what led an Afghanistan veteran to fatally shoot his family and himself in January 2017. The focus will shift now to the recommendations the inquiry will make to prevent future such tragedies.

Police training in domestic violence scrapped for years before veteran's murder-suicide: inquiry

The provincial fatality inquiry examining why an Afghanistan veteran killed his family and himself in 2017 heard Monday that Nova Scotia police officers had limited intimate partner violence training in the seven years before the murder-suicides.

These volunteer firefighters came together to honour a 51-year veteran days after he died

For the past 51 years, the sound of sirens would prompt Charles MacLaren to reach for his gear and run over to the Stellarton fire hall — but on Sunday, the fire trucks went to his house instead.

Challenging racism in health care should be part of Desmond inquiry's legacy: witnesses

The province must invest in culturally specific health-care services for Black communities, the Lionel Desmond inquiry has heard.

To prevent more deaths, N.S. urged to follow changes called for by Desmond inquiry

One of the country’s leading experts on preventing domestic violence has called on the Nova Scotia government to create a committee mandated to implement the recommendations that come out of the Lionel Desmond inquiry.

There were clear warnings that N.S. veteran would kill his family, inquiry told

An expert says those signs were missed by doctors, therapists and police officers focused on Lionel Desmond's PTSD. 

Veteran who killed family, himself would have been criminally responsible, inquiry told

A former Canadian soldier who fatally shot three members of his family and then himself was aware of what he was doing and would have been considered criminally responsible for his actions had he survived, a forensic psychiatrist testified Tuesday at a Nova Scotia fatality inquiry. 

Psychological autopsy found Desmond had 'severe' homicidal thoughts

A fatality inquiry has heard from a forensic psychiatrist who conducted a psychological autopsy on Lionel Desmond.