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Kayla Hounsell is a network reporter with CBC News based in Halifax. She covers the Maritime provinces for CBC national news on television, radio and online. She welcomes story ideas at kayla.hounsell@cbc.ca.

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Ex-sailor got PTSD compensation for fire DND doubts happened. Some vets want case reopened

The Department of National Defence says there is no record of a fire for which a former sailor was awarded compensation for PTSD. The Veterans Review and Appeal Board agreed there is no proof of the fire but says it is required to rule in favour of veterans where the evidence is uncontradicted and credible.

Isolation centre for unhoused people with COVID-19 nearly full as Omicron moves through shelters

As 34 homeless shelters grapple with COVID-19 outbreaks, an isolation centre for unhoused people with the virus is 95 per cent full and that means the facility will accept only complex cases.

How Gander's response to 9/11 changed the lives of its teenagers

Thanks to the Broadway musical, Come From Away, Gander’s 9/11 story is well known. Thirty-eight planes were forced to land here and nearly 7,000 passengers from around the world were forced to take up residence. But what about the teens who attended the schools forced to become temporary shelters? This is their story.

Canadians have a lot to learn about this country's history of slavery, experts say

Until now, Ontario has been the only province to mark Emancipation Day, but this year members of Parliament voted to designate it nationwide. The day recognizes Aug. 1, 1834, when the British Empire abolished slavery. Experts say Canadians have much to learn about this country's history of slavery.

Contracting COVID in the 3rd wave: How the virus has affected 2 Nova Scotia families

As the province remains firmly in the grip of the pandemic's third wave, two families recently diagnosed with COVID-19 are reminding their fellow Nova Scotians that just because the vaccine rollout has begun does not mean the coronavirus is letting up.

Eating disorders spiked during the pandemic, and that forced a rethink in how they are treated

In May a group of researchers comprising clinicians, policy makers, parents and youth applied for and received a $50,000 federal grant to determine how best to treat eating disorders during a pandemic, particularly in children and young adults under 25.

Prioritizing people with specific conditions for COVID vaccine slows race for herd immunity: N.S.'s top doctor

Advocates want governments to prioritize vaccinating people with disabilities. Some Canadian provinces plan to do so, but Nova Scotia isn't one of them. The province's chief medical officer of health says prioritizing specific groups based on health conditions would slow the race for herd immunity.

1 in 4 seniors in New Brunswick takes sleeping pills. A new study is offering an alternative

New Brunswick has the highest rate of sleeping pill use among seniors in Canada, with one in four taking them regularly. The medication can lead to dependence and side-effects like memory loss and unsteadiness, so a new study is offering an alternative.

N.S. recruiting Canadians to move to the province to work from home

The N.S. government has launched a campaign targeting other Canadians to move to Nova Scotia. Tourism-style video ads showcase the province's beaches and coastal beauty with the tagline, "If you can do your job from anywhere, do it from here."

Black N.S. man was unfairly denied title to land settled by his family in 1913, court rules

A Black Nova Scotia man is one step closer to finally owning the property his family has lived on for more than a hundred years after the province's Supreme Court ruled that systemic racism played a part in keeping the title to the land out of his hands.