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Senior reporter

Kayla Hounsell is a network reporter with CBC News based in Halifax. She covers the Maritime provinces for CBC national news on television, radio and online. She welcomes story ideas at kayla.hounsell@cbc.ca.

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N.S. veteran receives critical injury benefit after trauma from alleged military sex assault

In what may be a Canadian first, a Nova Scotia veteran says she feels validated after the Veterans Review and Appeal Board overturned a decision by Veterans Affairs Canada and recognized the trauma she experienced after an alleged sexual assault as a critical injury, granting her the lump sum payment of $84,203.

Deadly horse virus prompts cancellation of equestrian events across N.S.

Equestrian events across Nova Scotia are being cancelled in an effort to prevent the spread of equine herpesvirus-1, after an outbreak a local veterinarian says has killed four horses.

Meet the B.C. beetles on a cross-country mission to save Nova Scotia's hemlocks

More than 3,000 tiny beetles have been shipped across the country from their native British Columbia to try to control an invasive species killing Nova Scotia’s hemlock trees.

Former refugees arrive in Nova Scotia to be health-care workers

Health-care workers who gained experience in the refugee camp where they also lived are about to be continuing care assistants at a new nursing home in Nova Scotia. They've come to Canada through a federal program that seeks to bridge the gap between displaced people and a labour shortage in this country.

Blueberry farmers see a silver lining after devastating Nova Scotia wildfires

Wild blueberry growers expect wildfires to spark new growth in Nova Scotia. Blueberry plants are more resilient than most due to their large root systems beneath the ground.

N.S. community doubts refugees recruited as health-care workers will ever arrive

An international health-care worker in Nova Scotia is calling on governments to make a federal recruitment program more efficient to help others who have been waiting to immigrate to Canada and fill the gaps in the health-care system.
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These refugees are coming to Canada as health-care workers. Trouble is, they've been waiting for years

More than 100 refugees have been offered jobs as continuing care assistants in Nova Scotia under a new federal program, but it’s already been two years since some were accepted into the program and they're still waiting.

3 women complained about coach's inappropriate behaviour in April. Now he's charged with sexual assault

Five months after three female athletes filed complaints about the inappropriate behaviour of their weightlifting coach, the same man has been charged with the sexual assault of a different person.

Ex-sailor got PTSD compensation for fire DND doubts happened. Some vets want case reopened

The Department of National Defence says there is no record of a fire for which a former sailor was awarded compensation for PTSD. The Veterans Review and Appeal Board agreed there is no proof of the fire but says it is required to rule in favour of veterans where the evidence is uncontradicted and credible.

Isolation centre for unhoused people with COVID-19 nearly full as Omicron moves through shelters

As 34 homeless shelters grapple with COVID-19 outbreaks, an isolation centre for unhoused people with the virus is 95 per cent full and that means the facility will accept only complex cases.