Katie Hartai

Katie Hartai is a reporter and associate producer based out of Halifax. Her favourite stories to tell involve the environment and mental health. Contact her at katie.hartai@cbc.ca.

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Nova Scotia Votes

Redrawn boundaries for Clare could improve Acadian representation

The Clare-Digby riding is returning to this provincial election, and here's the focus for each candidate.

Ottawa considering creation of national park at Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes

Halifax and Parks Canada have agreed to examine the possibility of creating a new park in the urban wilderness area under the National Urban Parks Program.

Nova Scotia's shark derbies: Outdated or essential research tool?

Supporters say the shark derbies provide valuable information about sharks with minimal impact but opponents say the research doesn't justify killing them.

Friends mourn Bert Knockwood, victim of Millbrook homicide

Knockwood was found dead in a home in Millbrook, N.S., on July 12.

Number of Nova Scotians on family doctor wait-list hits record high

The number of Nova Scotians waiting on the provincial registry for a family doctor has hit a record high. As of July 1, more than 69,000 Nova Scotians were on the wait-list.

Bat population in Nova Scotia showing signs of recovery

Researchers are optimistic Nova Scotia's native bat population is recovering from a fungus that nearly wiped out the winged mammals a decade ago. A non-profit conservation group in southwest Nova Scotia is discovering larger bat colonies that point to population growth.

N.S. teen excited to test new lungs as overnight camps reopen

As Nova Scotian youth gear up for overnight summer camps during Phase 3, one teen also has the chance to experience camp with a new set of lungs.

Halifax doctor sees rise in HPV-caused cancers among young people

A Halifax head and neck surgeon says he has seen a significant shift in the patients with cancer in his operating room. Instead of older Nova Scotians with smoking-related cancers, Dr. Matthew Rigby is operating more on younger people with HPV, a common viral infection that is often benign but can cause certain cancers.

Bridgewater to rename Cornwallis Street

The Town of Bridgewater, N.S., is being added to the list of communities that are severing ties with Edward Cornwallis. On Monday, town council voted 4-2 in favour of a motion to rename Cornwallis Street.