Kalin Mitchell


Kalin Mitchell is a former meteorologist on CBC News Nova Scotia, CBC News New Brunswick and CBC News Atlantic Tonight.

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Why February was so balmy and mostly snow-free in Nova Scotia

If you think it's been balmy out lately, you're right, but February's temperatures in Greenwood, Halifax, Sydney and Yarmouth weren't quite record-setting.

White Christmas coming to Nova Scotia — along with ice, rain and wind

Gusts of up to 120 km/h could cause power outages in some parts of the province.

Why a nasty snowstorm following the Halifax Explosion came as a surprise

The day after the explosion, a major snowstorm dumped about 40 centimetres of snow on the levelled city.

October's highs and lows, and that record snowstorm in 1974

In fall, the Maritimes are at the mercy of a number of air masses jockeying for position across continental North America. And that creates very "variable" weather, according to CBC meteorologist Kalin Mitchell.

September in Nova Scotia warmest on record in past 30 years

September 2017 was one of the warmest on record for Nova Scotia, with mean temperatures topping 30-year climate normals by more than 2 C for much of the province.

Hurricane Jose could bring rain, some rough surf to parts of Nova Scotia

Hurricane Jose's biggest weather impact on Nova Scotia will likely be rain Wednesday, as the storm is expected to stall well south of the province.

Nova Scotia could get another glimpse of the northern lights tonight

The geomagnetic storm impacting the Earth's magnetic field allowed for some rare northern lights viewing in areas of Nova Scotia last night. The forecast is for the same tonight.

Post-tropical storm expected over N.S. waters by mid-week

While no landfall is anticipated, the passing storm may have some influence on weather conditions Wednesday into Thursday.

Record heat ends a fairly typical Nova Scotia spring

We had cold snaps, torrential rain, thunderstorms and even some late frost advisories. Cape Breton closed out the season with two days of record-setting high temperatures.

Wet, windy weekend in store for much of Nova Scotia

A slow-moving area of low pressure will move north from the eastern U.S. into the St. Lawrence River Valley this weekend.