Jon Tattrie


Jon Tattrie is a journalist and author in Nova Scotia.

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Why people with Down syndrome are living longer than ever

People with Down syndrome are living longer than ever and an ongoing photo project aims to upend stereotypes about them. 

How plays and memorials help us process tragedies like Swissair Flight 111

A new theatre production about the crash of Swissair Flight 111 off the coast of Nova Scotia shows a province attempting to make peace with a tragedy that happened 25 years ago.

Elizabeth Fry Societies mull national support for decriminalizing sex work

Groups in Nova Scotia that help sex workers are welcoming plans by the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies to revise its position on sex work. 

History lover puzzled by federal plans to remove 85-year-old shipwreck

The federal government is considering the removal of a strange structure jutting out of a beach in Three Fathom Harbour, N.S. Those plans have inspired a local history hunt that may show the sandy ruin is the final remains of one of Halifax's hardest-working ferries. 

Antigonish town, county councils moving ahead with vote to ask province to approve merger

If a majority of both councils votes for the new plan, the mayor and warden would go to the provincial government and request a special piece of legislation to amalgamate without a plebiscite.

RCMP find human remains on property in Springfield

RCMP are investigating a "very suspicious" situation after human remains were found on a property in Springfield, N.S.

How a 'gloriously independent' N.S. island survived Fiona without losing power

Sitting between P.E.I. and Nova Scotia, tiny Pictou Island, N.S., had an ace up its sleeve: the entire island provides its own power. 

American historian 'thrilled' efforts to honour Canadian hero paid off

A Canadian hero who had lain in an unmarked grave now has a tombstone honouring his life, thanks to an American's discovery of his story during a visit to Halifax five years ago. 

'She's the perfect role model': Single mom graduates from high school 20 years later

A Nova Scotian woman who failed high school by four points returned to get her diploma — 20 years later. 

Long-lost tombstone found by intrepid Annapolis Valley explorer

A tombstone lost for half a century has been uncovered, thanks to the sleuthing of an explorer in the Annapolis Valley, N.S.