Joan Weeks


Joan Weeks has been a reporter with CBC in Sydney for over a decade. Many of her stories are investigative with a focus on government spending and accountability, as well as health and economic issues important to Cape Breton.

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Global Studies

Cape Breton family gives neighbourly namaste to students from India

Some residents of a Sydney, N.S., neighbourhood have taken a houseful of international students from India under their care, providing meals and advice on everything from recycling to the power bill.

The other side of the counter: Making a living in the service industry

The Stories From Work series tells some behind-the-scenes tales from the people who cut your hair, serve your meal or sell your house.
Atlantic Voice

How these residential school survivors have not only healed, but are helping others

For the past 15 years, elders in Waycobah First Nation in Cape Breton have been working on healing from the trauma suffered while attending residential school. They've done so well they are now reaching out to help their community, including the local kindergarten class.

Waycobah First Nation residential school survivors make regalia for youth as part of healing process

After more than a decade of participating in a survivors support group, the elders of Waycobah First Nation in Nova Scotia have gone from being unable to speak about their residential school experience to giving public talks and helping fellow survivors.

How a green energy system could benefit downtown Sydney

International specialists in green energy are working with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to find new ways to heat buildings in Sydney's downtown.

Membertou turns a problem into a boat-building business

By this fall, Membertou First Nation expects to be building boats for the fishing sector. The band saw a business opportunity when its local fishers needed a new vessel.

'This was a lifer for me,' says Cape Breton birdwatcher

A painted bunting normally lives in Mexico, Florida and the southern U.S., but this week the multi-coloured tropical bird has been frequenting a bird feeder in Marble Mountain, Cape Breton.

Is Meghan Markle a Caper? Historian says there is a connection

If you dig deep enough you can find some surprising connections, says Cape Breton historian Jim St. Clair. He's been looking for Cape Breton ties in Meghan Markle's family tree.

Marine Atlantic ferries are on watch for endangered right whales

Following an endangered right whale spotting east of Cape Breton, Marine Atlantic has begun preparing for possible changes to its service to reduce the risk of collisions.

Backlogged ER at Cape Breton Regional Hospital becoming more common

A backlogged emergency department is becoming more common at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, the physician in charge of emergency care says.