Jerry West

Associate Producer

Jerry West is an associate producer for Information Morning in Halifax. He spent 15 years as a print journalist before joining the CBC in 2008. You can get in touch at or 902-420-4347.

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Who is the sorrowful girl in the quilt? A loose thread unravels the mystery

Who was the girl in the quilt? Was the quilt a memorial for her? The girl looks so peaceful, and the beach is beautiful, and yet a grief comes through.

Nova Scotia Health authority to appeal verdict in Dr. Gabrielle Horne case

The Nova Scotia Health Authority has launched an appeal against the verdict in the case of Dr. Gabrielle Horne.

Partridge Island, called 'heaven' by Mi'kmaq, protected for generations to come

Nova Scotia Nature Trust protects Partridge Island, known as Glooscap's grandmother's island, according to Mi'kmaq legend.

Cutbacks keep Halifax clinic from taking new patients

Doctors at Duffus Medical Centre have a problem with the way the province funds their work, and they say it's keeping them from taking on more patients.

Invasive green crab harvest in Kejimkujik Seaside National Park

Kejimkujik Seaside is inviting people to go crabbing this summer.

Nova Scotia Health Authority creating hiring delays, says Bedford doctor

Dr. Natasha Deshwal says the Nova Scotia Health Authority is creating long delays for doctors who want start practising in the Halifax area, even when there are patients waiting to see them.

Narcissistic perfectionists hurt those around them, says Dalhousie team

Narcissists can be difficult to deal with, and perfectionists even more so. Imagine what it would be like to work with, or even be married to, a narcissistic perfectionist.

Dalhousie University researchers make flu discoveries

By understanding how the influenza virus attacks our immune system, researchers at Dalhousie University are hoping to come up with better ways to treat it.

University of King's College names law professor as new president

Law professor and former senior provincial bureaucrat William Lahey is the new president of Halifax's University of King's College.

Syrian family adjusting to Halifax, but father and son still overseas

The war in Syria marks its fifth anniversary today and in Halifax, one family has had a partial reunion but it could be a while before they are all together again.