Jean Laroche


Jean Laroche has been a CBC reporter for 32 years. He's been covering Nova Scotia politics since 1995 and has been at Province House longer than any sitting member.

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Family of N.S. teen who died of meningitis files legal action against doctors, hospital

The parents of Kai Matthews, who died at the Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre on June 1, 2021, allege the emergency room doctors who treated their son failed to recognize he had meningitis and provided improper care.

14,000 on surgical wait-list for colonoscopies in Nova Scotia

An Annapolis Royal man who needs a colonoscopy to determine whether his chronic illness has become something more serious says the wait is frustrating and worrisome. Pierre Igot is one of thousands of Nova Scotians waiting for the diagnostic procedure, with a wait time that now averages 9.5 months.

Nova Scotia's chief electoral officer concerned about office's lack of independence

In his last report to Nova Scotia's House of Assembly, Chief Electoral Officer Richard Temporale recommends that the agency gain full independence from government. He's worried about the erosion of trust in democratic institutions.

Houston government may be backing away from promise to repeal Bill 148

The Houston government appears to be walking away from another promise — the pledge to repeal a controversial Liberal law that imposed a wage package on tens of thousands of Nova Scotia public sector workers.

Nova Scotia paramedics want better pay and they want it now

The union that represents paramedics in Nova Scotia have told a legislature committee its members should get an immediate and substantial raise like the continuing care assistants received in February.

Soaring gas prices have N.S. government contemplating targeted relief

With Nova Scotians paying up to $2 a litre for gasoline and as much as $2.50 for diesel, the Houston government is considering new measures to help low income or fixed income people struggling to pay their bills.

Deputy minister hints at stable funding for N.S. community health centres

Nova Scotia deputy health minister Jeannine Lagasse has offered to sit down with cash-strapped community health centres to discuss funding, and to try to understand where these groups fit in the transformation of health care in Nova Scotia.

N.S. Power executive admonished by opposition MLAs for proposed rate hike

A top Nova Scotia Power executive told a legislature committee there was no good time to ask for customers to pay more for electricity, but Mark Sidebottom assured members the company needed to increase rates to cover costs and keep the company attractive to investors.

Nova Scotia to make changes to controversial new non-resident property tax plan

Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston announced changes to a controversial new non-resident property tax plan during a speech on Tuesday. The change will cost the province $42 million in anticipated tax revenue.

New forestry practices in Nova Scotia to mostly be in place by June

The Nova Scotia government has set June 1 as the date when forestry companies and foresters will have to abide by new ecological forestry practices, though there will be exemptions.