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Jean Laroche has been a CBC reporter for 32 years. He's been covering Nova Scotia politics since 1995 and has been at Province House longer than any sitting member.

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Iain Rankin's first challenge as premier is building a representative cabinet

Iain Rankin ran a successful bid for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party and has picked his top advisors. Now he faces his first major task as premier: choosing the cabinet he will likely lead into the next general election.

Ex-civil servants reflect on changing governments ahead of Rankin's swearing in

Premier-designate Iain Rankin has promised to bring "generational" change to governing Nova Scotia, starting Tuesday, but two long-time, retired civil servants don't expect dramatic change as a result of one Liberal replacing another at the top.

When Iain Rankin becomes N.S. premier on Tuesday, these people will be his key advisers

When Iain Rankin takes over from Stephen McNeil as premier on Tuesday, he'll rely on two key advisers to run his office. Both have federal connections which may come in handy in negotiations with Ottawa.

N.S. Supreme Court orders release of Bay Ferries management fee

The Nova Scotia Supreme Court has ordered the McNeil government to give the Official Opposition the information it asked for almost four years ago — information about the amount of money Bay Ferries is being paid to run its service between Yarmouth, N.S., and Maine.

Province paying to keep 250 nursing home beds empty

The Nova Scotia government is paying some long-term care facilities to keep beds closed, while penalizing others that have closed beds without the province's blessing. The carrot-and-stick approach has created a situation where 276 beds are unavailable despite a growing waiting list of people wanting to get into a nursing home.

N.S. home-care system to be redesigned to address complaints, backlog

Senior officials in Nova Scotia's Health Department told an all-party committee Wednesday the province's home-care system will be redesigned to place families and clients at the heart of a more flexible system.

Geoff MacLellan latest Liberal MLA leaving N.S. politics

Geoff MacLellan is the sixth Liberal caucus member to announce they will not be seeking re-election. Party chooses a new leader this weekend.

Deputy premier Karen Casey will not seek re-election

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil's closest political ally, deputy premier Karen Casey, has announced she will be leaving politics whenever the next election is called.

Nova Scotians can finally file access-to-information requests online again

Nova Scotians can once again file access-to-information requests online, almost three years after the McNeil government pulled the plug on it following the improper access of more than 7,000 documents.

Pediatrician caught with child porn fights to remove name from sex offender registry

The lawyer for a pediatrician sentenced to 11 months in prison for having child pornography on his computer is fighting to have her client's name removed from Canada's sex offender registry. Katheryn Piché is arguing the provision in the law that makes registering mandatory for anyone convicted of a child porn charge is "overbroad, arbitrary and grossly disproportionate."