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Jack Julian joined CBC Nova Scotia as an arts reporter in 1997. His news career began on the morning of Sept. 3, 1998 following the crash of Swissair 111. He is now a data journalist in Halifax, and you can reach him at (902) 456-9180, by email at jack.julian@cbc.ca or follow him on Twitter @jackjulian

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Pharmacy rewards in N.S. staying for now as other provinces vote to ban practice

Seven Canadian provinces have elected to ban consumer incentives such as loyalty points and coupons when purchasing prescriptions. Here's why Nova Scotia isn't.

Expert opinion mixed on changes to N.S. student immigration program

Immigration lawyers offer different predictions about how disqualifying some international students from a fast track program will impact immigration numbers overall.

Hundreds of students ejected from N.S. immigration fast track after province abruptly changes rules

Many foreign students working in Nova Scotia have lost their chance at a 12-month fast track to permanent residency because they graduated in another province.

Landowner agrees to reopen Silver Sands Beach path in Cow Bay

According to his lawyer, Ross Rhyno will reopen the path to Silver Sands Beach that crosses his backyard in Cow Bay. Rhyno blocked the easement because of coastal erosion, and because he says the public is frequently vandalizing his private property and trespassing.

How an experiment in Nova Scotia helped rural doctors get more sleep

When a doctor has to cover a rural emergency department alone, it can lead to days with little or no sleep. But a little help from the province's ambulance service let doctors stay in bed when minor problems presented in the middle of the night.

Nova Scotia Girl Guides selling HQ to work from home

The Girl Guides in Nova Scotia are selling their headquarters in Fairview and instead renting a hybrid office and meeting space while staffers work primarily from home.

A soccer tournament in N.S. has been cancelled, and abuse of refs is part of the problem

The Gunn Balderson Memorial Tournament, named after an Acadia student who died in a car accident in 1987, is cancelled because many soccer refs are reluctant to return. An organizer says they're enjoying the break from angry soccer parents.

Halifax police commission digging into breach charges

The Halifax Board of Police Commissioners discussed Monday how often police charge certain people for skipping court or breaking their bail conditions.

Nova Scotia man's disappearance triggers Florida search

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office in Florida said Richard Paquet was reported missing Wednesday morning after his van was discovered parked in a Hernando Beach driveway.

Nova Scotia Firefighters School fined in death of Skyler Blackie

The Nova Scotia Firefighters School will pay $102,000 in fines and bursaries after pleading guilty in the death of Truro firefighter Skyler Blackie.