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Haley Ryan is a reporter based in Halifax. Got a story idea? Send an email to haley.ryan@cbc.ca, or reach out on Twitter @hkryan17.

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Incident commanders feared roadblocks would lead to more deaths in N.S. mass shooting

Retired staff sergeants Jeff West and Kevin Surette testified Wednesday before the Mass Casualty Commission leading the inquiry into the April 2020 mass shooting, when a gunman killed 22 people in the province.

RCMP officer in charge explains why he dismissed marked car evidence in N.S. shooting

Steve Halliday, one of the commanding officers who led the initial RCMP response to Nova Scotia's mass shooting, spoke before the Mass Casualty Commission Tuesday.

Complaints made years before N.S. mass shooting were enough for search warrants: former Mountie, lawyer

Both a retired Mountie and a criminal defence lawyer involved in the public inquiry say there was "more than enough" evidence for a search warrant given three public complaints about the gunman over three years.

Expert sounds alarm on Canada's emergency alert system

An expert in emergency alerts says there are serious problems with Canada's company-led model based on "discriminatory" technology that differs from the rest of the world.

Police in N.S. were offered control over public alerts years before mass shooting

New documents from the public inquiry into Nova Scotia's mass shooting show the RCMP had turned down the ability to directly issue emergency alerts multiple times in the years before the tragedy. The documents also show that "active shooter" wouldn't have met the criteria at the time for sending an emergency alert.

RCMP officer visited N.S. gunman at least 16 times, but says he saw no weapons

A new report released Tuesday by the public inquiry examining the Nova Scotia mass shooting that took 22 lives lays out the actions police took in response to complaints about Gabriel Wortman in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Interim report into N.S. shooting inquiry notes lack of grief, trauma supports

The Mass Casualty Commission released its interim report on Monday, including details on the progress gathering information about the events of April 18 and 19, 2020, when 22 people, including a pregnant woman and an RCMP officer, were killed by a gunman.

After years of pressure, 78% of front-line Mounties now carbine-trained

After years of calls to better arm RCMP officers with carbines, the Mounties say more than 78 per cent of front-line members are now trained on the weapon, but it's unclear how evenly these officers are spread across the country.

Risks, benefits of keeping police paraphernalia weighed before N.S. mass shooting inquiry

The Mass Casualty Commission heard various perspectives Wednesday from collectors, academics, lawyers and former officers on police impersonation and paraphernalia. 

How the N.S. gunman convinced people not to report mock cruiser before mass shooting

New documents released Monday by the commission leading the public inquiry into the April 18 and 19, 2020, shooting rampage detail how the gunman created the replica cruiser, gathered other police paraphernalia like uniforms and equipment, and who knew about them.