Feleshia Chandler


Feleshia Chandler is a journalist based in Halifax. She loves helping people tell their stories and has interests in issues surrounding LGBTQ+ people as well as Black, Indigenous and people of colour. You can reach her at feleshia.chandler@cbc.ca.

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Mulgrave Park community potluck highlights diversity of Halifax neighbourhood

More than 100 people gathered at Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre last week for a home-cooked meal for an event called A Little Taste of MGP.

Overcoming mental health hurdles one scar at time

Tattoo experts in Nova Scotia are helping people let go of trauma caused by self-harm, and the demand for their service is on the rise.

Some Canadians worried new legislation could change how they stream media

The bill seeks to increase the amount of Canadian content shown by online platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify.

N.S. company launching clinical trial to examine magic mushrooms as treatment for PTSD

Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. in Windsor, N.S., is in the midst of the province's first clinical trial using the psychoactive substance psilocybin. Researchers hope to demonstrate the efficacy of the drug for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Achievements of Black seniors celebrated in East Preston

Dozens of Black elders from across the province gathered Thursday at the East Preston Recreation Centre to be celebrated with a homecooked meal from the community.

Fall River child-care centre says it's closing for good next month

A child-care facility in Fall River, N.S., is closing its doors for good in November, and a co-owner says she's worried it won't be the last private facility in the area to meet this fate.

Coastal areas across the province taking special precautions for Hurricane Fiona

Some municipalities in the province are keeping a close eye on the coast as Hurricane Fiona nears. Guysborough is one of them.

Nova Scotia's farmers, fruit growers worry about what Fiona could mean for their harvest

With Hurricane Fiona on track to hit Nova Scotia, some farmers and fruit growers say they're worried they could lose a whole season's worth of work in a single gust of wind.

Parents, kids march alongside N.S. early childhood educators in calling for fair wages

Dozens of early childhood educators, workers, parents and children took to the streets Thursday in downtown Halifax, waving colourful signs and calling for what they say is a long-anticipated and deserved raise in wages for workers.

Province accepts recommendation to gather race-based information from police stops

The provincial government is accepting all recommendations by the committee established to review models for gathering race-based information from police stops.