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Erin Pottie is a CBC reporter based in Sydney. She has been covering local news in Cape Breton for 17 years. Story ideas welcome at

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Charter helicopters helping to battle N.S. wildfires

Wildfires in Nova Scotia are under attack from the ground and air with some private companies joining the battle.

Spring season unearths mounds of litter in CBRM

Environmentalists in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality say the spring season has uncovered mounds of trash, and they want more to be done to protect their communities.

Fiona repairs in Cape Breton slowed by homeowners with no place to go

The Mennonite Disaster Service has been working since March to repair dozens of homes in Cape Breton that were badly damaged by last September's post-tropical storm.

Historic Sydney theatre to spend $650K in government grants on renovations

The Highland Arts Theatre is housed in a historic building that was once home to St. Andrew's United Church

Abandoned commercial buildings create pricey headaches for local government in Cape Breton

Former post office in Sydney is covered in graffiti and causing complaints, says councillor.

Health officials warn about cocaine tainted with fentanyl in Sydney

Nova Scotia Health issued a drug alert Thursday about cocaine in Sydney, N.S., that was found to be contaminated by fentanyl.

Disaster relief program slow and confusing, say some N.S. homeowners

Six months after post-tropical storm Fiona landed on Nova Scotia's shores, some people in Cape Breton are still living in drafty, leaking homes from the damage it inflicted.

Neighbours voice concerns over North Sydney motel

Cape Breton homeowners say illegal activity connected to a local motel has been happening for years.

Rural businesses in Cape Breton struggle to find workers

Some employers in Cape Breton say adding employee perks is still not helping them land long-term employees. 

Cape Breton municipal dump overwhelmed by wood debris from last year's storm

CBRM is working on a plan to get wood debris out of the dump, anticipating that more space will be needed as the cleanup from Fiona continues this spring.