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Emma Davie is a reporter, producer and videojournalist in Halifax. She loves listening to, and telling stories from people in the Maritimes. You can reach her at emma.davie@cbc.ca.

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A Nova Scotia craftsman makes replicas of the Peggys Cove lighthouse. His business is booming

Vito Forgione, 64, creates models of Nova Scotia's most famous lighthouse for people to enjoy at home.

For sports groups, much has been learned from racist incident at P.E.I. hockey game

The big takeaway for many Nova Scotia sports groups from a racist incident at a hockey game this fall is that continuing education on equity, diversity and inclusion must become commonplace in sport — especially when young players are involved.

Nova Scotia reports 611 new cases as province urges people to conserve rapid tests

The province says it is changing its approach to testing and how cases are managed, due to the high numbers driven by the Omicron variant. There are 611 new cases as of Friday.

'One-woman factory': Ceramic tree craze keeps Christmas crafter busy

For 34 years, Edna Meisner of Blandford, N.S., has been making ceramic Christmas trees. She says people have become "fanatic" about these trees in recent years.

In the summers without summer camps, staff get creative to stay afloat

As summer camps face the uncertainty of a second pandemic summer, they're hoping to take lessons learned from last year — which included finding creative ways to stay afloat.

Halifax woman calling for more protections on RRSPs after husband's sudden death

Dianne Taylor is urging others to check their listed beneficiaries routinely for things like RRSPs and life insurance policies after her husband's sudden death left her and her teenage daughter faced with losing the bulk of their family's savings.

N.S. dissolves gambling awareness organization, reallocates funds from VLTs

The Nova Scotia government has quietly dissolved a non-profit arm's-length government organization dedicated to funding gambling prevention and research groups, moving the money to a more general mental health pool.

Province to begin COVID-19 vaccinations for long-term care residents Monday

Some long-term care residents in Nova Scotia will receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.

With New Brunswick COVID surge, Nova Scotia tightens border restrictions

As of 8 a.m. on Saturday, everyone coming into the province from New Brunswick will have to quarantine for 14 days unless coming for work, a medical appointment or legal reasons.

Former Halifax taxi driver allowed to return to Germany as he awaits sex assault appeal

A former Halifax taxi driver sentenced to two years in prison last month for sexually assaulting a woman eight years ago has been granted bail and will be allowed to return to Germany while he awaits his appeal hearing in June.