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Elizabeth McMillan is a journalist with CBC in Halifax. Over the past 13 years, she has reported from the edge of the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Coast and loves sharing people's stories. Please send tips and feedback to elizabeth.mcmillan@cbc.ca

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Senior Mountie's controversial notes about commissioner held back for months, inquiry says

Four crucial pages of a senior Mountie's notes were missing the first time the federal Department of Justice sent them to the public inquiry looking into the Nova Scotia mass shooting. The key section included allegations the head of the RCMP promised politicians the force would release information about guns used during the April 2020 rampage.

What the RCMP knew and didn't tell the public in days after N.S. mass shooting

The RCMP intentionally held back key details — including the number of victims — and evaded questions officers knew the answers to in the early days following the mass shooting in April 2020, a public inquiry into the tragedy has found.

Mountie says gunman looked 'infuriated' when pulled over months before N.S. shootings

An RCMP officer who previously pulled over the gunman and was critical of his supervisor’s role in the response to the mass shooting, testified he didn’t agree with the decision to only send one team into the section of Portapique and said he should have been deployed differently.

Mountie who warned of back way out of Portapique doesn't remember saying it

An RCMP constable who alerted colleagues there might be a back way out of Portapique, N.S., on the first night of the 2020 mass killing says it was such a hectic night, she doesn't remember making the radio broadcast.

Paramedics say N.S. mass shooting left lasting trauma but few changes at work

A panel of four first responders spoke candidly about how the Portapique, N.S., mass shooting that left 22 people dead and changed the way they approach their jobs. They say their employer did not do enough to support them in the aftermath, or review its response to prepare for future emergencies.

Head of RCMP communications during N.S. mass shooting testifies about delays, lessons learned

The former director of communications for the RCMP, who previously told the public inquiry she "wouldn't change a thing" about the way communications were handled during the mass shootings of April 2020, testified about room for improvement while reflecting on how long it took to tweet about the gunman's replica cruiser.

RCMP officer was 'pacing the floor' waiting for tweet approval during N.S. mass shooting

Jennifer Clarke, a now retired corporal, testified Tuesday at the Mass Casualty Commission about what was happening behind the scenes before she tweeted about the gunman's replica cruiser.

Truro police chief calls RCMP lockdown request 'a last-minute Hail Mary'

The public inquiry examining the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia is releasing its report on the RCMP’s interactions with police in Truro, N.S., during the shooting rampage that left 22 people dead. The gunman drove through the town of Truro as he evaded officers in his fake RCMP cruiser.

Why a senior Mountie who'd been drinking on night of N.S. shootings says he jumped into action

A senior RCMP officer who decided not to report to work in person during the mass shooting because he’d been drinking testified privately at the public inquiry about his involvement on April 18 and 19, 2020.

Mountie in charge of early N.S. mass shooting response hopes testimony offers families some peace

Staff Sgt. Brian Rehill, who was in charge of the police response after 911 calls came in from Portapique, N.S., hopes his testimony provides some answers for families on a day when some people who lost loved ones took to the streets again in protest.