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Elizabeth McMillan is a journalist with CBC in Halifax. Over the past 13 years, she has reported from the edge of the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Coast and loves sharing people's stories. Please send tips and feedback to elizabeth.mcmillan@cbc.ca

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N.S. mass shooting inquiry breaks down how it spent $25.6M so far

The joint federal and provincial inquiry examining the April 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia has released its cost breakdown to date, the first time it has offered insight into how it has spent $25.6 million over the past year and a half. 

Inquiry records shed light on why RCMP didn't inform the public about N.S. mass shooting

Families of people murdered on the second day of violence have been adamant that had they known more about the danger — and that the gunman was driving what looked like an RCMP cruiser — their loved ones would have been at home and out of harm's way. 

RCMP wanted 2011 tip about N.S. gunman to 'go away': Truro police chief

Truro’s police chief felt the RCMP was resistant to his force’s plans to release a 2011 warning that the gunman who went on a shooting rampage in 2020 had weapons and threatened to “kill a cop,” according to newly released documents.

Retired tactical officer calls RCMP 'broken organization' at N.S. mass shooting inquiry

Two RCMP tactical officers testifying at the inquiry examining the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting say the response was made more challenging by not having an adequately staffed team, overnight air support or the technology to pinpoint locations.

Cost of N.S. mass shooting inquiry climbs above $20M

The Nova Scotia government has spent $12.8 million to date on the joint provincial and federal inquiry into the April 2020 massacre. Because costs are shared with Ottawa, this means the total has surpassed $20 million and is likely much higher.

'I gave my all': Mounties who shot at N.S. fire hall testify they were trying to stop killer

The two RCMP officers who fired their weapons at a civilian standing outside the Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade on April 19, 2020, testified at the public inquiry in Dartmouth. Both said they believed they were shooting at the killer responsible for the mass shooting, and wouldn't have done anything differently.

3rd person accused of supplying ammo to N.S. gunman sent to restorative justice

A man accused of supplying ammunition to the gunman who murdered 22 Nova Scotians has withdrawn his guilty plea. The single charge against James Banfield will now be dealt with through the restorative justice process.

Maine man who bought rifle later used in N.S. shootings lied to police about purchase

A man from Maine admitted to lying to an RCMP investigator about the day he went to a gun show and bought a high-powered rifle with a man who used the carbine a year later when he killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, newly released documents show.

How the Nova Scotia mass shooter smuggled guns into Canada

A CBC News investigation found that though Sean Conlogue and at least one other person in Maine may have broken U.S. federal laws by helping the shooter obtain two of the guns he used during the April 2020 rampage, it is unlikely they will face charges.
CBC Investigates

How the N.S. gunman got his weapons and who may have helped him in Maine

The gunman who killed 22 people in April 2020 obtained some of the firearms he used in Maine and smuggled them into Canada. A CBC News investigation looks at how that happened and why people who knew the shooter may have violated U.S. laws.