David Burke


David Burke is a reporter in Halifax who covers everything from politics to science. His reports have been featured on The National, World Report and As it Happens, as well as the Information Morning shows in Halifax and Cape Breton.

Latest from David Burke

High-tech high seas: how drone boats are changing the way navies do their work

Most of the world’s major militaries are experimenting with drone boats in the hope they will help solve staff shortages, save money and protect sailors’ lives. But at least one humanitarian organization is worried about these technological advances.

Atlantic Canada sees surge in spending on security systems during the pandemic

Some security companies are seeing a big jump in business as companies look for ways to better secure empty offices and homeowners look for new ways to protect their property.

Technology has never been better, but grainy surveillance video can doom prosecutions

Grainy, dark images collected by video surveillance systems are costing Crown attorneys some cases and hurting police investigations, despite the huge increase in high definition video cameras that capture crystal clear images.

Makeshift gear and nowhere to play? No problem for Cape Breton's cricket diehards

The growth in cricket on the island is being fuelled by international students. It's estimated there are hundreds of people playing the sport in Cape Breton, despite the fact there are no proper facilities.

Researchers investigate the possible environmental cost of sunscreen

Researchers scattered around the world are trying to piece together how some components of sunscreen could be harming coral reefs and fish.

Fatal crashes caused by impaired drivers jumped last year in Nova Scotia

2020 was a bad year on Nova Scotia's roads. There were 31 fatal collisions caused by impaired drivers on roads policed by RCMP in the province, a six-year high, according to data collected by the force.

Fish fun becomes accessible thanks to volunteers in Cape Breton

A new walkway and concrete pad in Glace Bay allow children who use wheelchairs to more easily reach a lake and try fishing.

Halifax airport sees jump in cargo plane traffic

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is experiencing a jump in air freight traffic, with dozens of additional cargo planes landing at the site last month. Among them are British Airways jets from London's Heathrow Airport.

COVID-19 fears fuel rise in heart attacks in Nova Scotia

Fear of COVID-19 has kept people with early symptoms of heart attack and stroke from going to the hospital, which has led to a jump in serious cardiovascular cases across the province, according to new research by Nova Scotia Health. 

Construction companies build new departments to better work with Indigenous communities

A growing number of construction companies across the country are putting time and money into starting their own indigenous relations departments to help improve how they work with Indigenous communities and possibly address a coming labour shortage.