David Burke


David Burke is a reporter in Halifax who covers everything from politics to science. His reports have been featured on The National, World Report and As it Happens, as well as the Information Morning shows in Halifax and Cape Breton.

Latest from David Burke

Nurses raise privacy concerns with surge in patients recording video in hospitals

Nurses in Nova Scotia are becoming fed up with people using their cellphones to record them while they work, a growing problem that can distract health workers from their jobs and violates patients' privacy, according to the head of a nursing union.

How machine learning is revolutionizing medical research in Nova Scotia and beyond

Advanced computer programs that use machine learning are transforming the way medical research is done in Nova Scotia and around the world.

Moovit transit app blasted after racist slur used to identify historic N.S. Black community

Moovit, an app that helps people find bus and train schedules around the world, is being publicly condemned after it allowed a historic Nova Scotia Black community to be labelled using a racist slur.

Pandemic isolation has sped up cognitive decline of loved ones, say caregivers

Some caregivers in Nova Scotia say the social isolation brought on by the pandemic has caused the cognitive abilities of their loved ones to erode. 

Military eyes adaptive camouflage, self-repairing clothing for future troops

From chameleon-inspired camouflage to clothing that mends itself when damaged, the Department of National Defence is looking to outfit Canadian troops with next-level gear that provides better protection — and less detection — on the battlefield.

'A whole new kind of tired': Pandemic leaves many unpaid caregivers without help

Unpaid caregivers who look after ageing or ill loved ones say the pandemic has made it almost impossible for them to find help.

N.S. video game industry on the hunt for workers as pandemic drives up sales

As industries across the province shed jobs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the video game industry in Nova Scotia is in the middle of a recruitment drive.

Fake COVID notification apps and websites aim to steal money and personal data

Thousands of fake Canadian government websites, emails and apps that take advantage of the pandemic to try to mine personal data or steal money have been taken down in the last few months, according to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

Lingering complications from COVID-19 still haunt some Nova Scotians months later

Some Nova Scotians are still struggling with complications brought on by COVID-19 months after they officially recovered from the virus.

In 152 years, only COVID and the Spanish flu have knocked the wind out of this band

There have only been two events in the 152-year history of the Bridgewater Fire Department band that disrupted its practice and performance schedule — the COVID-19 pandemic and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.