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Carolyn Ray is a videojournalist who has reported out of three provinces and two territories, and is now based in Halifax. You can reach her at

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New operator of Shelburne long-term care home must maintain standards, minister says

Barbara Adams says both for–profits and non–profit providers will be allowed to apply to manage Roseway Manor in Shelburne.

She needs surgery to remove a tumour, but has no idea where she is on N.S. waitlist

A Nova Scotia woman waiting for cancer surgery says patients are being left in the dark about their own health care as COVID-19 continues to cause delays within the system.

'Distressing' surgical backlog likely to grow in N.S., says cardiac surgeon

Dr. Greg Hirsch, a cardiac surgeon in Halifax, has voiced concerns about delaying treatment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now hospitals are seeing the problem first-hand and Hirsch expects surgical wait-lists in some zones to continue growing.

Enrolment way up for N.S. continuing care assistant programs after pay raise, says minister

The province's minister of seniors and long–term care says 910 people have registered to start programs this fall. That's compared to about 300 the year before.

N.S. advocates say loss of specialists supporting gender-affirming surgeries will cause a crisis

Advocates for Nova Scotia's transgender and non-binary communities say the state of their health care is in crisis after three specialists announced this week that they would no longer accept new patients.

Truro ER tests virtual visits to cut wait times

The Colchester East Hants Health Centre is testing out a new way to move patients through the emergency department faster.

'This affects everybody': Citizens fight plan to privatize Shelburne's Roseway Manor

Some people who live near a long–term care home in Shelburne, N.S., are trying to reverse a decision made by three municipal councils to turn the long-term care home into a for-profit facility.

Recruiters head overseas as N.S. health-care vacancies climb 24%

The number of health-care vacancies in the province has risen by about 24% in the last 6 months, but the head of recruitment isn't surprised in the slightest. 

Halifax sees pothole numbers double in a month

Road crews in the Halifax area are working around the clock to fix the growing number of potholes in the city.

Health-care vacancies constantly changing, says head of recruitment

The head of Nova Scotia's new office of health-care recruitment says his first six months on the job have laid the groundwork to fill a good number of vacancies, but Dr. Kevin Orrell was vague when asked how many vacancies currently exist.