Brett Ruskin


Brett Ruskin is a reporter and videojournalist covering everything from local breaking news to national issues. He's based in Halifax.

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Potential move to electric lobster fishing boats hauls in opposing opinions

Options to electrify the lobster fleet have been met with a spectrum of opinions, ranging from curiosity to contempt.

Canadian navy ship spots 25-storey iceberg on the way to Arctic training operation

Ships from the United States and France will also participate in the deployment.

Canadian team discovers power-draining flaw in most laptop and phone batteries

The phone, tablet or laptop you're reading this on is likely having its battery slowly drained because of a surprising and widespread manufacturing flaw, according to researchers in Halifax.

Lobster lesson plans and other resources to be offered to Nova Scotia teachers

Students could soon be taught the importance of the fishing industry and marine sector to Nova Scotia, with 'classroom-ready' resources offered for free to teachers.

Inside the underground pumping station blamed for Halifax Water warnings

A Halifax Water facility where three wastewater pumps have failed since June is hidden in plain sight among modest homes in the city's North End. A tour beneath the surface offers a glimpse at the city's infrastructure and the efforts being made to keep it working properly.

Handcrafting history continues in Lunenburg as aerospace company builds parts for F-35 jet

The North American headquarters for Stelia, a composite parts maker, is less than 2 km from where the famed Bluenose schooner was built.

HMCS Halifax to deploy Saturday as part of NATO support for Ukraine

Canada will soon have two warships deployed overseas supporting NATO in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This Saturday, HMCS Halifax will leave the East Coast to join allied ships in the Baltic region.

Bells damaged in the Halifax Explosion a century ago to be installed at city hall

The 2 bells will replace a speaker system that has been in place since the 1990s.

Nova Scotian races to eNASCAR championship and $100K top prize

A Nova Scotian has won the eNASCAR championship, taking home $100,000 in winnings. 

Some rec centre staff slipping through Halifax's living wage policy cracks

A municipal policy introduced this spring in Halifax requires most city contractors to prove they pay their workers at least $21.80 per hour, but eight facilities are exempt.