Brett Ruskin


Brett Ruskin is a reporter and videojournalist covering everything from local breaking news to national issues. He's based in Halifax.

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9 months after deadly N.S. shooting, Ottawa halts sales of decommissioned RCMP vehicles

The federal government is suspending the sale of all surplus RCMP vehicles in the wake of a mass shooting last April in Nova Scotia in which the gunman used a replica police vehicle — purchased at an auction — during a rampage that left 22 people dead.

Fake letter about rogue grey wolves in N.S. sent government staff scrambling

A fake letter created by military reserves saying that grey wolves had been released in N.S. prompted Brigadier General Roch Pelletier to apologize to provincial officials.

Owner of Cold War-era bunker offers reward for unlocking mysterious safe

The team at the Diefenbunker in Debert, N.S., has been taking suggestions from viewers of its live stream to crack a mysterious safe. There's a $1,000 prize for the correct guess.

Ammunition depot in Halifax steps up fire prevention measures

Following a 2015 report that cited multiple fire safety issues at the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot in Bedford, N.S., the military has taken steps to reduce the risk of a fire.

Police officer with PTSD finds purpose in launch of new clothing line

Mark Long, off work since 2016 due to PTSD, has launched a line of clothing called Cracked Armour to prompt tough conversations about mental health for first responders.

Sinkholes drain lake near Oxford

A kilometre-long lake near Oxford, N.S., has mostly disappeared as much of its water has drained into at least two sinkholes in recent months.

Public to get Halifax waterfront access to space normally used by cruise ships

Some setbacks have a silver lining, and this one comes with a great view. The Port of Halifax will soon allow the public to use a space along the waterfront that is typically reserved for cruise ship passengers and infrastructure.

Nova Scotia couple edits themselves into their cancelled European vacation

A little fun and creative photo editing help a Port Hawkesbury, N.S., couple dull the pain from a cancelled European trip.

Shortage of seafarers opens the door for new recruits

The shipping industry needs hundreds of new seafarers to deal with a growing shortage of skilled labour, which will worsen over time and could delay shipments of scores of consumer goods, marine experts say.

Inspection halts construction of replacement for crane that toppled during Dorian

An inspector from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education arrived at the construction site in downtown Halifax this week and discovered the partially assembled crane was leaning to one side.