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Grocery retailer Metro sees a jump in profits

Grocery retailer Metro reported third-quarter profits of $275 million Wednesday, up nine per cent from a year earlier. The company CEO says labour shortages will weigh on future growth.

How one Canadian family is coping with the highest inflation in years

With inflation at a nearly 40-year high, Canadians are feeling the financial strain. One Mississauga family talks about where they’re being hit the hardest.

Mustard shortage could lead to higher prices and empty shelves, industry warns

A mustard seed shortage is driving up prices and could leave some store shelves with scant supply of the yellow spread before products from the new harvest hit markets this fall, industry experts say.

Canadian food suppliers warn grocery chains more price hikes are coming

Canadian food suppliers are once again issuing notices to grocery retailers informing them of upcoming price hikes.

Irving Oil invests in electrolyzer to produce hydrogen from water

Irving says it will be the first oil refinery in Canada to invest in electrolyzer technology and its goal is to offer hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in Atlantic Canada.

'We just don't have enough workers:' Restaurants rocked by labour shortage, inflation

Restaurants across the country are reducing hours and condensing menus as persistent staff shortages and spiking costs threaten to derail the industry's comeback from crushing pandemic restrictions.

'Our lobsters are gold plated now': Atlantic Canada lobster exports, prices soar

Canadian lobster exports brought in record sales last year but there are fears that soaring prices could make one of Atlantic Canada's most popular food attractions unattainable for many.

Russian invasion of Ukraine making food inflation worse as wheat prices surge

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is driving up global wheat prices as the conflict curbs exports of the crop, triggering shortages and setting the stage for worsening food inflation in Canada.

Frito-Lay stops shipping chips to Loblaws stores in pricing dispute

Frito-Lay, one of Canada's biggest food manufacturers has halted shipments to Loblaw, the country's largest grocer, in an extreme example of how inflation is impacting the food industry and driving a wedge between some retailers and suppliers.

Challenges to workplace vaccine mandates being tossed out, legal experts say

Legal challenges of employer vaccine mandates and health measures are being tossed out as arbitrators in Canada largely side with the need to maintain safe workplaces during a pandemic, legal experts say.