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Bob Murphy is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a CBC News reporter in the Maritime provinces for more than two decades. He has investigated everything from workplace deaths to unsolved crimes and government scandals.

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Major junior hockey league apologizes 4 years after teen player's death

The family of Nova Scotia hockey player Jordan Boyd, who died at 16 after suffering cardiac arrest on the ice, is welcoming an apology from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and the introduction of changes aimed at improving player safety.

Nova Scotia home to oldest known pine tree fossils

Fossils that are 140 million years old were discovered by a British paleontologist at a quarry near Windsor, N.S., but sat in his office for five years before being examined.

Fisheries study shows 2/3 of fish stocks declining, researcher says

A marine research ecologist at Dalhousie University says a new study is further proof we need to change the way we manage fisheries around the world.

Motherisk lab tests prompt fewer than a dozen Nova Scotians to come forward

Nova Scotia's deputy minister of Community Services says fewer than a dozen people have come forward to the province with concerns about hair testing conducted by the now discredited Motherisk lab in Toronto.
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Motherisk Commission lawyer urges review in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia should proactively review child welfare cases that used discredited drug testing, according to the lead lawyer in Ontario’s Motherisk Commission.

Discredited drug testing used in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

As many as 2,300 people in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had their hair tested for drugs and alcohol at a discredited Toronto lab, a CBC News investigation has found.
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Nova Scotia should stop hair-based drug tests, toxicologist says

Albert Fraser says hair testing is still “a developing science,” one that shouldn't be used in child protection cases until more is known.
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Nova Scotia has seen at least 11 children die in care since 2004

A 16-year-old girl who died Sunday in Halifax is at least the 11th child since 2004 to die in the care of the province, documents obtained by CBC News show.
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Aberdeen Hospital spent nearly $500K for patient-sitting without tender

Pictou County's Aberdeen Hospital paid a private security firm nearly half a million dollars to watch confused or aggressive patients without tendering or signing a contract, a CBC Nova Scotia investigation has found.
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Farley Mowat ship owner has court-ordered removal deadline

The owner of the controversial Farley Mowat ship has until February 26 to remove it from the Shelburne Marine Terminal or face possible jail time.