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Blair Rhodes has been a journalist for more than 35 years, the last 27 with CBC. His primary focus is on stories of crime and public safety. He can be reached at

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Convicted N.S. sex offender may have fled to Baghdad, says Crown

A man convicted of a sexual assault in Nova Scotia has apparently fled the country and is now the subject of an arrest warrant. In February, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal granted Bassam Al-Rawi an interim release while his lawyer tried to take his case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

An inside account of what 911 call takers experienced during N.S. mass shooting

One of the people operating the 911 call centre the night of April 18, 2020 has provided a glimpse into what it was like when people from Portapique, N.S., began calling to report gunshots, murders and fires.

Neighbours tried to warn police about Portapique gunman's abuse, weapons

George and Brenda Forbes say they saw "red flags" almost immediately in the personality of the man who became their neighbour, but they say police didn't investigate their report of domestic abuse and illegal weapons.

Parole conditions changed for former Halifax fugitive

Steven Douglas Skinner, who shot and killed another man in Halifax and then spent five years on the run in South America, is being allowed to move in with his girlfriend.

N.S. gunman could get angry, violent when drinking, ex-wife told police

The gunman's ex-wife told RCMP in an interview that her former spouse could become aggressive and lash out violently when he drank.

3rd person accused of supplying ammo to N.S. gunman sent to restorative justice

A man accused of supplying ammunition to the gunman who murdered 22 Nova Scotians has withdrawn his guilty plea. The single charge against James Banfield will now be dealt with through the restorative justice process.

Kentville man charged with sex offences against 2 women and 2 girls

RCMP in Nova Scotia have charged a man from Kentville with offences including luring a child, obtaining sexual services for consideration and obtaining sexual services for consideration from someone under the age of 18.

Crown appeals man's acquittal in death of 10-year-old Cape Breton girl

The Crown is appealing the acquittal of a Cape Breton man who’s accused of killing a 10-year-old girl with his vehicle. Colin Hugh Tweedie was driving the SUV that struck and killed Talia Forrest in July 2019.

Emergency alert system not often used, N.S. mass shooting report finds

An expert report into Canada’s emergency alert system has found it has only been used on a limited basis and can be complicated to access.

Ammunition charge in N.S. mass murder case sent to restorative justice

One of three people accused of supplying ammunition to the Nova Scotia gunman who murdered 22 people in April 2020 has had his case referred to restorative justice.