Andrew Sampson

Andrew Sampson is a journalist with CBC in Halifax.

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Halifax queer café asks LGBTQ community to sign new Pride flag for students at N.S. high school

A Halifax queer-centred café is asking members of the LGBTQ community, including former students, to come and sign a replacement Pride flag destined for Bay View High School. The school's previous flag was burned in April.

Halifax small businesses told to relocate to make way for Robie Street bus lanes

Halifax Regional Municipality is proceeding with plans to implement a transit corridor on both sides from Young to Quinpool, but two small business owners say the project is moving forward at their expense.

N.S. company requires deposit of half-month's rent before it will review applications

A Halifax man searching for a place to live is frustrated after discovering Paramount Management, a Halifax rental company, will only consider new rental applications if prospective tenants are willing to pay a holding deposit of half a month’s rent. 

Renting a car this summer? Plan ahead — and watch out for sticker shock

If you’re planning on vacationing in Nova Scotia this summer, don’t expect to get much of a break on car rental pricing – that is, if you’re able to rent one at all.

Former student, school officials condemn destruction of Pride flag at N.S. school

A former student and school officials are condemning the destruction of a Pride flag at a Halifax-area high school on Thursday.

N.S. patient says paying fees to obtain medical records after her doctor retires feels 'like a ransom'

It's bad enough to learn you're losing your family doctor, says one Nova Scotia woman, but being asked to pay hundreds of dollars to access years of medical records adds insult to injury.

Concerned about air quality at home? Halifax libraries now loaning out CO2 monitors

If you've ever wondered about the air quality in your home, and whether it might explain why you feel tired, suffer from headaches, or whether it's putting you at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and other viruses, Halifax Public Libraries can help.

As St. FX goes for gold, Coach K's impact is still being felt — even in retirement

It's been two years since men's basketball coach Steve Konchalski retired after 46 years behind the bench at St. Francis Xavier University, but his legacy still looms large in Antigonish, N.S.

Nova Scotia's new learning-to-read plan still doesn't go far enough, say critics

Schools in Nova Scotia are adopting a new, phonics-centered approach to literacy, but critics say the province still needs to outline a clear plan for implementation if it hopes to change reading outcomes for young students.

Canada's Cold War fallout shelters would have excluded most of us. These women had other plans

In 1984, a group of female protesters took the government to task for a nuclear war survival plan that only seemed to protect politicians, military leaders, and members of the media — nearly all of whom were men.