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Looters likely raiding sunken treasures off Nova Scotia, experts warn

Beneath the choppy waves off Nova Scotia's rugged coast are thousands of shipwreck sites sprinkled with lost treasure: centuries-old coins, cannons, and perhaps even historic booty stolen from the White House.

Student felt 'blindsided' after learning groundskeeper recorded sexual assault

A young woman who was raped in her Halifax dorm room says she was "anxious to the point of getting sick" in the weeks afterwards, and felt compelled to seek justice after learning the sexual assault had been videotaped.

Famed N.S. treasure hunter brought about new era in Oak Island mystery

An American man who dedicated his life to finding pirate's treasure on Nova Scotia's Oak Island was remembered Monday as a larger-than-life figure who became a pillar in the community he made home for more than 50 years.

Plan to bring grieving mother's relatives to Halifax 'moving quickly'

Federal officials are closer to bringing as many as 10 relatives of a grieving Syrian refugee to Nova Scotia, as Halifax residents prepared to gather Saturday for the funeral of her seven children who died in a fast-moving house fire.

Former SMU groundskeeper sentencing in sex assault case delayed

A former groundskeeper at a Halifax university who sexually assaulted a young woman in her dorm room and recorded portions of the incident on his phone will now face sentencing in March, after his case was postponed.

From Tim McGraw tickets to a custom portrait, this woman is on a contest winning streak

Kirbie Humber could be the luckiest woman in Newfoundland.

Retiring N.S. chief justice urges judges to reach out to marginalized communities

After a career championing social justice issues, Nova Scotia's chief justice is retiring Thursday with a challenge to judges across Canada: Do more outreach with marginalized communities.

Halifax businessman apologizes to family, says nothing to workers he underpaid

Hector Mantolino now awaits sentencing for violating the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Complainant said she was going to 'sleep with' sailor, defence witness says

A British petty officer testified he overheard a woman who alleges she was gang raped tell her friend that she was going to "sleep with" a sailor on the night in question. Paul Hoskins said he was inside the barracks at 12 Wing Shearwater in April 2015.

Butcher appeals conviction, sentence in murder of Montreal-born yoga instructor

Nicholas Butcher was convicted of second-degree murder in April after a jury found he stabbed 32-year-old Kristin Johnston to death on March 26, 2016.