Nova Scotia

Austrian family dog lost in Halifax

A family from Austria is returning home Monday night without their dog, Luna.
Siegfried and Monika Wartbichler have to leave Halifax to head back to Austria, without their beloved golden retriever. (CBC)
A family from Austria is returning home Monday night without their dog, Luna.

Luna ran away Sunday night, and the Wartbichlers have been looking for the three-year-old golden retriever ever since.

They have been travelling around the Maritimes in a camper and brought their dog along on her first visit to Canada.

Siegfried Wartbichler spent Sunday night and Monday driving around Halifax with his wife and two sons, asking anyone if they have seen their dog.

Luna ran off from Citadel Hill Sunday, where Natal Day fireworks spooked her.

"Our dog slipped out of my hand and run away," he said.

She was last seen on University Avenue shortly after.

Andy Wartbichler said Luna is part of the family.

"She's [my] sister," he said.

His mother, Monika teared up when describing the beloved pet.

"She is fun. She's very nice. She's good to people and other pets," said Monika Wartbichler.

Janet Chernin of the Nova Scotia lost dog network said two to five dogs go missing in the province every week.

The organization uses social networks, posters and radio stations to find dogs.

But Chernin said animal control services is the best way to track a dog.

"Someone may have picked up this dog and may not understand that there is 24-hour animal control services in HRM," said Chernin. "So we tell everybody, please look behind your sheds, please even look behind your oil tank of your home. Look in odd spots. She's going to be frightened."

Luna was last seen on University Avenue Sunday evening with a brown collar and blue leash attached. (CBC)
If someone finds Luna, who is wearing a brown collar and a blue leash, they're asked to call Cambridge Suites Hotel — where the family was staying, or animal control services.

The Wartbichlers were hoping to stay in Halifax until they found Luna, but were not able to book another flight to Austria until next weekend.