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Atlantic Fringe Festival gets $20K from Halifax council

The Atlantic Fringe Festival will get the funding it wants to celebrate its 25th anniversary after the city originally wrote a cheque for $8,750.

Regional council voted 9-6 in favour

The Atlantic Fringe Festival is celebrating its silver anniversary this year. (

The Atlantic Fringe Festival will receive $20,000 from the the city after regional council voted nine-to-six in favour of increasing funding for this year's event.

The Fringe Festival is a theatre festival that involves many short plays and dance shows performed at various venues around town.

"This grant will help the organization and its future and its stability — that's the important thing," said Thom Fitzgerald, director of the Atlantic Fringe Festival. 

However, initially the city only approved $8,750 for its 25th anniversary. 

Coun. Steve Craig encouraged his fellow council members to vote to approve the increase after learning the decision was made without knowing the festival was celebrating a major milestone.

Craig said it was an oversight, despite the fact the Atlantic Fringe Festival clearly stated the silver anniversary in its application.

"Councillors miss stuff, staff miss stuff, organizations miss stuff. It happens," said Craig.

Craig said funding can change for different events year by year.

"All the groups coming forward to seek money from the municipality need to be absolutely clear in what they're asking for and why it is they're asking for it because there are so many needs out there and we only have so much money," he said.

Now that the money issue is settled, the festival can go back to celebrating.

"The idea that [the Atlantic Fringe Festival has] become such a big part of Halifax and such a big event, I don't think anybody had any idea 25 years ago," said Fitzgerald.

The Atlantic Fringe Festival is underway now and runs until Sept. 13.


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