Hermine could hit Atlantic Canada by mid-week

The Canadian Hurricane Centre predicts it will be Wednesday before post-tropical storm Hermine has any effect on Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Storm gains strength as it moves northeast toward New York and New Jersey

A man walks beside the surf as Tropical Storm Hermine passes through Garden City Beach, South Carolina, on Saturday. (Randall Hill/Reuters)

The Canadian Hurricane Centre predicts it will be Wednesday before post-tropical storm Hermine has any effect on Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

"Probably Monday or Tuesday we'll have a better feeling about how this storm will affect Canadian waters," said Doug Mercer, hurricane forecaster. "We have a fairly good handle on what it's going to be doing over in the United States. Probably little effect until at least mid-week next week."

By late Saturday afternoon, Mercer said the post-tropical storm's strength was about 60 knots or 111 kilometres per hour. He said Hermine is expected to get up to hurricane strength again in the next 12 to 24 hours.

'Sit there and spin'

"Hermine ... is heading up the northeast towards New York and New Jersey. It's going to stall there within the next day or two and it's not really going to move until late in the coming week," said Mercer. "It's just going to sit there and spin."

Hermine was the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years.

The storm is being blamed for two deaths so far in the United States — one in North Carolina and the other in Florida.