Nova Scotia

More snow in store this evening for eastern N.S., Cape Breton

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon is forecasting up to 25 centimetres for eastern areas and Cape Breton through this evening and early overnight.

Up to 30 centimetres expected in some areas of the province

The system will continue to track eastward with the snow, and rain along the coast, ending over western areas later this afternoon, central areas this evening and eastern areas later this evening and overnight. (Ryan Snoddon / CBC)

Nova Scotians might be done with winter, but winter isn't done with us. 

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon is forecasting additional snowfall amounts of five to 10 centimetres for western and central areas of the province through Monday afternoon, and 10 to 25 centimetres for eastern areas and Cape Breton through the evening and early overnight.

"As is typically the case with April snow events, we're seeing a wide range of conditions, especially as you near the Atlantic coastline," Snoddon said.

He said the system, which includes rain along the coast, will continue to track eastward. The snow will end in western areas later in the afternoon, in central areas during the evening, and in eastern areas later in the evening and overnight.

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport temporarily suspended its runway operations due to the weather conditions, but reopened the runways mid-morning. Many flights in and out of the airport have been delayed or cancelled. Arriving and departing flights have also been cancelled at the JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport.

Marine Atlantic has cancelled its scheduled departures Monday night between North Sydney, N.S., and Port aux Basques, N.L.

Halifax-area schools open, but buses cancelled

Classes have been cancelled at several regional centres for education in the province.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education is holding classes Monday but buses are not running. The HRCE said in a post on Twitter it made the decision to open schools because less than five centimetres of snow are expected by 4 p.m. and temperatures are expected to be above freezing.

The decision to keep schools open but cancel buses did not sit well with some parents.

The centre's announcement that buses were not running was tweeted at 7:47 a.m., well after many children were already outside waiting for their buses.

Pascal Rodier's daughter usually goes out to wait for her bus to Rocky Lake Junior High in Bedford at 7:25 a.m. The bus drops off the Grade 8 student at school at 7:50 a.m., and classes begin at 8:10 a.m.

While Rodier decided not to send his daughter to school on Monday because of the weather, several of the girl's friends were waiting for the bus for over half an hour.

Rodier said he didn't receive any direct notification about the bus cancellation until 7:53 a.m., when he got an email from the HRCE.

"I get that they don't run the transportation organization, I understand that, but they gotta be communicating better than that," he said. "If you're going to make a decision to stay open or to close, why are you not doing that in conjunction with your one and only transportation system?"

He said he was also concerned about younger kids who might have been stranded, and parents who would have been worried, not knowing where their child was.

"You're at work, now you have to either leave work, go back and search your kid out — hopefully they had a key. Probably a lot of parents are a little bit upset about that this morning."

CBC News contacted the bus company, Southland Transportation, but the company directed questions to the HRCE.

The HRCE did not immediately respond to a request for an interview.

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