Flooding hits Antigonish after brook overflows banks — again

A downtown parking lot and sports field are underwater as Brierly Brook spilled into Antigonish for the second time in less than a week.

'I really hope our municipal people get together and fix this,' resident says after 2nd flood

Antigonish businessman Brian MacLeod said it's time the municipality came up with a solution to the repeated flooding that plagues the town. (CBC)

Antigonish residents watched Monday as heavy rain swelled Brierly Brook, causing it to overflow its banks and flood parking lots and a sports field. 

It's the second flood to hit the town in less than a week.

On Friday night, the flooding was followed by a flash freeze that damaged 23 cars parked in a downtown lot on Creighton Lane. 

Cleanup is continuing in Antigonish after more flooding occurred Monday. (CBC)

Antigonish businessman Brian MacLeod said it's frustrating to watch because flooding is a recurring problem. 

"I've been doing business in this town for 30-some years and it happens on and off, every other year. As a community, we've got to get together and find a solution," he said.

"We've got to fix it. Either we've got to deepen the river, put up some sort of dyke wall, or some sort of early warning system to say the ice is starting to block it off. I really hope our municipal people get together and fix this."

Mayor Laurie Boucher said a few businesses had to shut down because of flooded basements. (CBC)

MacLeod said the flooding gets expensive, with insurance claims and people having to go without their cars.

"It's difficult for people. Winter's tough enough, it makes it that much more difficult."

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said a few businesses had to shut down because of flooded basements and some residences were affected as well.

Water is beginning to recede after Brierly Brook overflowed its banks again Monday, after a flood Friday. (CBC)

"The damage is pretty much to the parking lot and also down toward Columbus Field."

The field hosts the region's Highland Games.

Boucher said the town received about 60 millimetres of rain over 14 hours. 

"We're going to keep an eye on it [Brierly Brook]. The RCMP will be keeping an eye on it around the clock. Our bylaw enforcement office will take over after that.… just keep an eye on it and make sure that everybody's safe," Boucher said.

Gisselle Hyslop is upset that her car was damaged in Friday's flood and flash freeze, and is dismayed that the flooding recurred Monday. (CBC)

Meanwhile, Gisselle Hyslop, the owner of one of the vehicles damaged Friday, was dismayed to see more flooding.

"I'm really angry and I'm really sad. I'm angry because it happened again. The town's very quiet about it. They've done the bare minimum of trying to really help me," she said.

"That was my car and it was important to me."