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Andrew Younger's ministerial pay suspended, leave lengthened

Andrew Younger's ministerial pay has been suspended and his temporary leave has been expanded, according to the premier's office.

Alleged assault against Younger by former Liberal staffer happened October 2013 at celebration

Andrew Younger remains the MLA for Dartmouth East. (CBC)

Andrew Younger's ministerial pay has been suspended and his temporary leave has been expanded, according to the premier's office. 

The length of the extension hasn't been determined. 

"I understand the issue of pay has become a distraction for the premier and our government. Therefore, I will not receive my ministerial pay during the leave," wrote Younger in a release.

His ministerial salary was $49,046.51, on top of his MLA salary of $ 89,234.90.

Younger’s leave from cabinet is the result of an alleged assault he suffered at the hands of a former female Liberal staffer, sources have told CBC News.

According to those sources, it happened at a celebration to mark the Liberals being sworn into office in October 2013.

The incident was not reported to police at the time, but came to light during a recent investigation into threats made against Younger.

"A significant portion of the information reported as fact in the news and social media about the incident police allege to have occurred against me has been inaccurate and speculative, which is unfair to all those involved in this matter and those close to them," wrote Younger Wednesday.

"I would ask media to respect my privacy on this issue, and refrain from speculation."

On Dec. 23, the premier granted Younger's request for a temporary leave from cabinet.

A release sent out Wednesday reiterated that the premier will not discuss Younger's personal matters.

Michel Samson has taken over official responsibility for Younger's portfolios — energy, Communications Nova Scotia and part of the Gaming Control Act.

Younger remains the MLA for Dartmouth East.


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