Nova Scotia

Anderson Cooper endorses Halifax cat for mayor

A cat vying to be the next mayor of Halifax now has a powerful backer.

Tuxedo Stan's campaign has made him an international star

Tuxedo Stan gets celebrity endorsement


9 years ago
CNN host Anderson Cooper announced his support of the cat candidate on his show, AC360. 2:01

A cat vying to be the next mayor of Halifax now has a powerful backer.

CNN host Anderson Cooper announced his endorsement of Tuxedo Stan on his show, AC360 Monday night.

"We usually don't take sides politically, but I think we'll go ahead an make an unofficial endorsement for one candidate for mayor of Halifax. His name is Tuxedo Stan," Cooper announced during a segment called the RidicuList.

Tuxedo Stan has been gaining international attention since his campaign kicked off earlier this summer. His owners offered him up as a candidate as a way to force other candidates to address the growing wild cat population in Nova Scotia's capital city.

Halifax has laws in place to ensure dogs are spayed and neutered, but no such legislation exists for cats. All profits from Stan's campaign are going towards fixing wild cats.

Tuxedo Stan isn't actually on the ballot, but he's earning support around the world. (CBC)

"I want to go to a Canadian dinner party as soon as possible, just sitting around the table, next thing you know, your cat is running for mayor," joked Cooper.

Tuxedo Stan can't actually run in the election. The law requires all candidates to have birth certificates. That hasn't stopped his followers from scooping up Stan paraphernalia, which is selling out across the city.

Cooper offered the furry candidate an alternative to explore his political aspirations: in the United States, Stubbs the cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for several years. There's also a cat running for senate in Virginia.