Nova Scotia

Kentville police investigate after ambulance possibly shot at

Police say paramedics heard a 'ping" and later found a hole that may have been caused by a BB gun.

Police say hole likely came from pellet or BB gun

Police in Kentville, N.S., say somebody may have taken a shot at an ambulance in the downtown area Monday night. 

The acting chief of the Kentville Police Service, Kenneth Reade, said Emergency Health Services paramedics were leaving the Cornwallis Inn on Main Street at 10:10 p.m. when they heard a "small ping."

They didn't notice a small hole in the back window until they arrived at Valley Regional Hospital.

Reade said there was a patient in the back at the time, but nobody was injured.

The hole could have been caused by a rock, but Reade said that's unlikely because the ambulance wasn't moving at the time. He said he suspects it was a pellet or BB gun. 

Kentville BB gun bylaw

"These pellet guns, they're very realistic looking." Reade said.

"If they were presented to an officer, they would have to deal with the situation as if it was a real gun, and possibly cause injury, or serious bodily harm or death, as a result of responding to it."

Reade said you are allowed to own a pellet or BB gun in Kentville. But a local bylaw makes it illegal to fire one in public. 

"They can fire at a club. They can fire in their basement. But in a public place, they aren't to be discharged," he said.

Reade said officers are looking for witnesses and hope to examine footage from surveillance cameras in the area.


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