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Exotic bird refuge on remote Nova Scotia island protected

A picturesque swath of land on a remote island off Nova Scotia’s southwestern tip that is home to at-risk bird species like the harlequin duck and rusty blackbird has been protected by the province’s Nature Trust.

Woman reunited with stolen purse that was hidden in ceiling for nearly 40 years

It was an unlikely reunion ripe with nostalgia. Liz Campbell was recently reunited with her small black purse — nearly 40 years after it was stolen from a filing cabinet at a Catholic pastoral centre.

Woman offered jewelry for cash in 'uncomfortable' roadside encounter

The would-be Good Samaritan says she thought the man was in trouble, but was instead "feverishly" offered jewelry for cash on a highway in Musquodoboit Harbour, N.S.

Cluttered little barn at the centre of a 350-million-year-old fossil mystery

A seemingly haphazard museum in Nova Scotia has a stunning and unexpected importance: the adjacent beach is one of only two places in the world where the oldest fossilized land animals on Earth can be found.

9 surgeries postponed after flooding at Halifax Infirmary

A number of surgeries have been postponed after a hot water valve broke and flooded an area of the Halifax Infirmary at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.

Library's instrument borrowing program a hit with Halifax-area musicians

The Halifax Public Libraries instrument-lending program has been busy over the past year.

Clark's Harbour dog owners face tough decisions over breed ban

A young man in Clark’s Harbour, N.S., whose dog was recently deemed a dangerous breed has registered his pit bull mix as a therapy dog, as another dog owner prepares to leave the town over its breed ban.

Ottawa unveils plan for safe disposal of mercury-filled light bulbs

The federal government has unveiled its national plan for disposing of mercury-filled light bulbs in an environmentally responsible way and decreasing how much of the toxic substance ends up in landfills.

Legally blind woman worried she'll lose benefits over father's will

A Truro woman says she's frustrated after nearly two years of back-and-forth with Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services over whether she benefitted from her late father's will.

RCMP deleted documents in wrongful conviction case, federal report finds

Newly released documents show the RCMP deleted files pointing to other suspects in the 1995 killing of Brenda Way in Nova Scotia. Way's ex-boyfriend, Glen Assoun, spent nearly 17 years behind bars before his conviction was overturned.

'An exploration of gender:' Increasing number of women performing drag

Traditionally, drag queens are men who dress up and perform as women. But as drag becomes more mainstream, the art form is being more widely adopted by all genders.

Mother of student who was berated 'confused' by minister's comments

The mother of a teenage girl with an auditory processing disorder who was berated by her gym teacher says she is “confused” by Nova Scotia Education Minister Zach Churchill’s comments about the case.

Education minister condemns teacher who berated student

Nova Scotia's education minister has called an incident in which a teacher berated a teenage girl with an auditory processing disorder "egregious" and "an embarrassment to the system."
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Family seeks answers after student with hearing disorder 'berated' by teacher

While a nine-month investigation into what happened to Amy Bennet at a Mahone Bay, N.S., school concluded there was an "abuse of power" by her gym teacher, her family have been told they have no right to know the report's recommendations.
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Divers plunge for trash on World Oceans Day

A toilet, a stereo and a two-day-old newspaper were among the items plucked from the ocean floor Saturday by divers in Terence Bay, N.S.