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Nova Scotia reports 16 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday

Nova Scotia is reporting 16 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday as the number of active cases in the province climbs to 102.

37 new COVID-19 cases in N.S. as more restrictions announced

Restaurants, bars in the Halifax area must close to in-person dining as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday. Libraries, recreational centres and casinos must close altogether for a two-week period.

CCGS Jean Goodwill, 2nd of 3 icebreakers, joins coast guard fleet

CCGS Jean Goodwill, the second of three interim icebreakers to join the Canadian Coast Guard, has been accepted into the fleet after undergoing conversion and refit work in Quebec. It will leave Quebec on Tuesday morning for its home port in Dartmouth, N.S.

RCMP officer killed in N.S. mass shooting honoured by MADD Canada

Const. Heidi Stevenson has been posthumously awarded the Terry Ryan Memorial Award for Excellence in Police Service for her work in preventing impaired driving. She was among the 22 people killed in the Nova Scotia mass shooting in April.

New LGBTQ2+ art installation in Halifax celebrates visibility, kinship

A new art installation was unveiled in Halifax this week. The piece by artist Margot Durling celebrates the city's LGBTQ2+ community and honours kinship.

Nova Scotia begins covering breast reduction surgery for non-binary people

Nova Scotia's MSI has begun covering breast reduction surgery for non-binary people following a human rights complaint. The change comes as a relief for a non-binary person who filed a human rights complaint last year.

'Awesome and terrifying': Staff help woman with special delivery at N.S. convenience store

Three staff members at The Gold Nugget convenience store and gas bar leapt into action Sunday after a woman had a baby in their bathroom.

Forestry coalition calls for halt on some types of harvesting on N.S. Crown land

A forestry alliance in Nova Scotia has taken the rare step of speaking out against the province, spurred in part by what the group describes as a "cutting frenzy" on Crown land in the province.

Guitarz for Kids strikes a chord with budding musicians

A man living in New Glasgow, N.S., is giving unwanted instruments new life by fixing them up and gifting them to kids. So far, Guitarz for Kids has rehomed more than 70 old guitars.

How Halloween pumpkins can become a tasty treat for animals

Some people in Nova Scotia are finding creative ways to repurpose old Halloween pumpkins by giving them to animals for a festive treat.

Halloween display highlights scary amount of trash on N.S. shorelines

Forget vampires, witches, werewolves and mummies — the amount of garbage washing up on Nova Scotia's shores is far more terrifying.

'I am North Preston': How community, love shapes this singer's music

Keonté Beals, a young R&B singer from North Preston, N.S., shares how his community and the love he was surrounded by helps shape his music.

Fire destroys lobster facility in southwest Nova Scotia amid escalating fishery tensions

A large fire that police are calling suspicious levelled a lobster facility in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., early Saturday. It follows two raids by commercial fishermen on lobster pounds in southwest Nova Scotia earlier this week.

Halifax teen working to 'Build the Earth' in Minecraft

A Halifax teenager is one of thousands of people working to recreate the earth on a 1:1 scale in the popular video game Minecraft.

'Do your job': Sipekne'katik chief calls on PM to protect Mi'kmaw fishermen

The chief of Sipekne'katik First Nation has penned a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking for better protection after a mob of commercial fishermen attacked two lobster pounds where Mi'kmaw fishers were storing their catches.