Nova Scotia

Airport says it's unaffected after power outage

There was a brief power outage at Halifax's Stanfield International Airport Friday just before 10 a.m.

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport says things are back to normal after a power outage just before 10 a.m on Friday.

Emergency generators took over and most of the airport's operations were unaffected, but for a short time the runway lights were out.

Karen Sinclair, spokeswoman for the airport, said the outage posed no risk to travellers.

However, "there may have been a few flight delays during that time. We were back on regular power about 30 or 40 minutes later," Sinclair said.

"The cause of the interruption hasn't yet been determined, but our operations will be investigating to determine what happened."

There were minor flight delays at the airport, but Sinclair says it's not clear if the outage is to blame.