Air Transat flight problem strands Nova Scotians in Cuba

A Nova Scotia man on holiday in Cuba says he’s upset at the way passengers have been treated by a charter airline, after the aircraft that was due to take them home was unable to fly due to an unspecified problem.

A Nova Scotia man on holiday in Cuba says he’s upset at the way a Canadian charter airline has treated passengers after an unspecified problem with the aircraft delayed a flight home.

Brian MacDonald said an Air Transat flight was due to leave Cuba on Wednesday. But after several lengthy delays following attempts to board, passengers were told it could not fly out.

MacDonald, who is from Sydney, said the airline only gave passengers a chit for fries and a pop while they waited for 12 hours in the airport.

"There’s a lot of angry people in this room right now," MacDonald said Wednesday night.

He said a Transat official has told them they won’t fly out until Thursday evening.

He said the airline was trying to find hotel rooms for the night.

MacDonald said he understands the airline is concerned about passenger safety, but he said passengers shouldn't have to wait 24 hours to fly out.