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Africville residents make case for compensation in 1994, but city officials have little to say

Former residents of Africville met with the city manager in 1995 looking for answers about compensation for their lost property.

Former residents of Africville got no answers from the Halifax city manager

Despite their passionate demands for compensation at the 1994 meeting with the Halifax city manager, former residents of Africville were left frustrated. (CBC Archives)

Former residents of Africville presented their case for compensation to Halifax city manager Barry Coopersmith.during a meeting on Aug. 27, 1994.

Frustrated former residents of the once-vibrant Black community made passionate demands for compensation for their homes that were destroyed 27 years earlier. 

Despite their calls for justice, there was no response from Coopersmith to any of their questions. Watch the full 1994 report from CBC below.

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Africville compensation meeting

2 years ago
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Former residents of Africville took part in an emotional meeting in 1994 with Halifax city manager Barry Coopersmith. They were looking for answers but got none.

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